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Chicago: Is Bears' Draft or Hawks' Game 4 Bigger?

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Two huge days are upcoming for Chicago sports fans, and no that isn’t the next two days when the Chicago White Sox go for the sweep of the Chicago Cubs in the Crosstown Classic. On Thursday, the Bears will, as of now, be on the clock and take their first selection of their 2014 NFL Draft, hopefully getting a player who will contribute for years to come for the team. Then, the following evening, as the team participates in the second and third-rounds of the draft, the Chicago Blackhawks look to bounce back from their disappointing Game 3 loss to the Minnesota Wild and come home with a 3-1 series lead.

Both of these are huge moments for both teams, but the question is, which will have a bigger impact on fans?

While the question would seem obvious right away, being the Hawks game, let’s not forget that even a loss doesn’t put them in immediate danger. If they lose, it would basically be a best-of-3 series, which means the Hawks could still come out on top. Even a win doesn’t end the series, as there would still be work to do.

Regardless, it’s still a playoff game, compared to something that doesn’t immediately affect the record of a team. Plus, this player won’t be considered the right pick or a bust until a few years down the road.

However, it seems that the Bears are in a situation that they could be a very good team in a few years, so this one pick might lay down the foundation for a possible Super Bowl Champion.

But at the same time, the team could fall apart, making the best pick unable to pick up the pieces and build a winner.

I’m tired of fighting with myself, so I’ll let you decide, which is more important for a Chicago sports fan, a great pick by the Bears on Thursday, or a Game 4 win by the Hawks on Friday?

Would You Rather the Bears Make a Great Pick Thursday, or the Hawks Win Game 4 Friday?

  • Bears Make Great Pick (61%, 25 Votes)
  • Hawks Take 3-1 Lead (39%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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