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Chicago Bulls Pre-Game Protest Would Help NBA Player's Cause

The NBA players have taken a stance against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donal Sterling by taking off their warm-up shirts and wearing their practice shirts inside-out. The ritual was first done by the Clippers themselves, and the Miami Heat echoed the message by doing the exact same thing, although it was almost foiled by a villainous ball boy who decided to clear the court, before LeBron James told him to leave the warm-ups at center court. Tonight when the Chicago Bulls take on the Washington Wizards in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, a protest by the team will mean a lot to the NBA players trying to push Sterling out of Los Angeles.

There are a few reasons that the Bulls doing the protest would mean more than some other teams. The first is that they call a large, diverse market their home. Chicago has a very large “minority” population. Chicago truly is one of the greatest cities in not only America, but even the world in accepting people of so many races and beliefs.

Another reason, and possibly the most important, is the amount of Caucasian players on the team. The Bulls currently have five Caucasian players on their roster. Some, like Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy, play huge parts in the games the team play. Others, like Louis Amundson don’t contribute on a game-by-game basis but still are a part of the team. Regardless of their role, a team with five Caucasian players standing by the African-American players not only on their team, but also on the Clippers and throughout the league.

While the team should be more worried about winning the game tonight, they could add to it by silently protesting an ignorant bigot that also happens to be apart of the NBA.

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