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Could Chicago Bulls Playoff Woes Push Away Carmelo Anthony?

The Chicago Bulls are down 3-1 to the Washington Wizards, leading many to count the team out. While it will be tough to win three games in a row against a good Wizards team, looking forward there may be more problems for the Bulls. If Carmelo Anthony does want to go somewhere with the sole purpose of winning a title, will the team’s lack of execution in the playoffs in recent memory be a deciding factor that sways Anthony elsewhere?

The Bulls are becoming playoff underachievers. From losing to the Miami Heat in five games in 2011 NBA Playoffs, to losing to the no.8-seeded Philadelphia 76ers in 2012, the team seems to disappoint on a yearly basis. Even last season, the team shocked the Heat by winning game one in Miami, only to lose the next four games. While the team wasn’t expected to win that series, they got the fans’ hopes up and couldn’t capitalize. If Anthony wants to go to a championship contender, would it be with a team who seems to bail out too early every year?

Plus, it’s gotten to the point that fans are subconsciously accepting the fact that the team will under-perform come playoff time. The Bulls went on plenty of strong stretches throughout the season, and fans were always optimistic. Now that the team is down 3-1 to a team the Bulls are better than, they’re done. It seems like there’s no expectations from fans, and that kind of mentality will drive players away.

While the decision ultimately will come down to what Anthony wants, an underachieving team is not exactly what he wants to go to, especially not after his current run in New York.

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