Apr 23, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view as fans arrive at the main stadium gates beneath the marquee before the baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field. Today marks the 100th year anniversary of the stadium

Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs To Make Amends?

Wednesday marked the 100-year anniversary of Wrigley Field. While the Chicago Cubs have only been playing in Wrigley Field for 98 years, the team took the time on Wednesday to honor the history of Wrigley Field. A history that includes no World Series titles but that is a story for another day.

Though, be prepared for the Cubs to have another celebration in 2 years when it is their 100-year anniversary of playing in Wrigley Field.

Perhaps, by then, Sammy Sosa will be welcomed back by the Cubs.

That was the one area in which the Cubs dropped the ball on Wednesday. Certainly, Sosa had a controversial ending with the Cubs in 2004 but there is no ignoring the fact that Sosa is a large part of the Cubs’ history at Wrigley Field. The reason for Sosa not being in attendance at Wednesday’s ceremony is because the Cubs still believe, per spokesman Julian Green on Wednesday, that Sosa needs to repair his image.

“There are some things Sammy needs to look at and consider prior to having an engagement with the team,” Green said.-Julian Green, ESPN Chicago 

According to a report from ESPN Chicago, the Cubs want Sosa to make amends with some of his former teammates.

Sosa spoke with ESPN Deportes this week and indicated that he is ready to resolve his issues with the Cubs.

“I think there is something that has to be resolved,” Sosa told ESPN Deportes. “If there is something to clarify, we will sit down and clear it up. Time has given me the maturity to reflect upon many things, including knowing that one side doesn’t have to be right all the time.”-Sammy Sosa, ESPN Chicago 

It would appear that both the Cubs and Sosa are working towards a reunion. Though, it seems as if the Cubs are putting the onus on Sosa to enable the reunion.

The time has come for Sosa to be welcomed back by the Cubs. Speaking from a personal perspective, Sosa has gone from my favorite player to being he who should not be named. But, as I write this, the time is right for the Cubs and Sosa to bury the hatchet.

After all, Sosa has provided some of the greatest memories at Wrigley Field.


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