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Chicago Bulls Fans Shouldn't Panic

Before you start your tearful commenting, claiming that the Chicago Bulls are absolutely done for and that the team losing the first two games at home to the Washington Wizards is the end of their season, let’s relax. It might not be the best time to tell you this, since emotions are still running high from the Game 2 defeat, but the series isn’t over, and the Bulls still have a chance. So let’s put the pitchforks pointed at certain Point Guards down, and step away from the cliff, because the Bulls aren’t done yet.

While the Bulls do leave the friendly confines of the United Center to go on the road, which is intimidating, let’s not forget that the Wizards’ fan base doesn’t really stack up to the Bulls’. The Bulls sell approximately 104% of tickets for their home games, a number only exceeded by the Dallas Mavericks, and only by 0.1%. The Wizards sit 24th in attendance percentage, selling about 84% of tickets for their home games. Don’t let the “Wizards have taken home court” message scare you, the Verizon Center isn’t intimidating for any opponent.

Plus, the Bulls still are playing their game. Sure, they only scored 99 points in an Overtime game, but they held a team with legitimate scoring threats to 101, which means they limited Bradley Beal and John Wall, one of the best 1-2 punches in the NBA. If they continue to hold the Wizards to 90 points in 48 minute game, they will break that mark on offense.

While it’s tough, just remember that the team always plays well when they’re not supposed to. Losing two games to the Wizards shows that the Bulls might be over-matched, which means they should come out and prove what everyone in the city already knows, they’re the better team, both talent-wise, and emotionally.

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