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Dec 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte (22) rushes for a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers during the third quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears 2014 Schedule: Las Vegas Projects 8 Wins For The Bears

With the announcement of the 2014 NFL regular season schedule, the predictions are starting to be made about the win totals for each team in 2014.

ESPN’s Las Vegas insider Dave Tuley has wasted no time in projecting the win total for each team in the NFL. Tuley gives the Bears an over/under of 8 wins for the 2014 season.

8 wins for the Bears in 2014 would certainly be a disappointment.

Looking at the Bears schedule, there are games that will be easy wins; games that will be losses; and games that are toss-ups.

Easy Wins: Buffalo Bills (September 7),  New York Jets (September 22), Miami Dolphins (October 19), Minnesota Vikings (November 16 and December 28), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (November 23)

  • Analysis: The Bills and Jets still may have trouble at the quarterback position, with that in mind, neither team should pose a significant threat to the Bears. The Minnesota Vikings are playing at a college stadium this season and will be no better than a college team this season and the Bears should be able to sweep their division rivals. The Dolphins are an improved team but not to the degree to where the Bears should be concerned. As long as Josh McCown is the starting quarterback for the Buccaneers, the Bears will have no problem defeating Tampa Bay. These games alone should give the Bears 6 wins.

Losses: San Francisco 49ers (September 14), Green Bay Packers (Pick a game), Detroit Lions (Pick a game), Carolina Panthers (October 5),

  • Analysis: The Bears should split their games with the Packers and Lions in 2014. The 49ers will be opening their new stadium and likely will continue their dominance over the Bears. The Panthers defensive is the main reason why Carolina should have the advantage over the Bears. These games should give the Bears 4 losses.

Toss-Ups: Packers (Pick One), Lions (Pick One), New England Patriots (October 26), Atlanta Falcons (October 12), Dallas Cowboys (December 4), New Orleans Saints (December 15).

  • Analysis: Operating under the assumption the Bears will split with the Packers and Lions, there will be two wins for the team. The Patriots are not as invincible as they once were but they still should be able to defeat the Bears. The Bears generally play the Cowboys well and that trend should continue in 2014. As for the Falcons and Saints, the Bears generally do not play strongly against those two teams and that may continue in 2014. These set of games should give the Bears an additional 3 wins and 3 losses.

Final Record for 2014 Season: 9-7


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