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Can the Chicago Bulls Control John Wall?

As the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards prepare themselves for their first round match-up, analysts are spending time trying to come up with a winner for the second round series between then Bulls and Indiana Pacers, while seeming to forget that the team still has to win their first round series if they want to face the Pacers. The huge edge that the Wizards hold is the play of Point Guard John Wall, which puts the Bulls victory into jeopardy. Whether it be the offensive struggles of Kirk Hinrich or defensive inefficiency of DJ Augustin, Wall could have a huge series.

Wall is a former no.1 overall pick from the John Calipari Basketball Factory, better known as the University of Kentucky, and has really stepped up his game over the past season. Wall is a former potential bust, who is now considered among the top five Point Guards in the NBA, although not unanimously. Regardless of his spot on the PG Power Rankings, Augustin and Hinrich can’t match-up on both sides of the ball.

Hinrich should be able to give Wall fits on offense, but the team will have to go without an offensive weapon if he is on the floor, since Wall will almost undoubtedly be able to shut him down. If they need an offensive spark, Wall should have a field day, since Augustin is no where near the defender that Hinrich is.

Even with this being true, the Bulls have edges at almost every other position, especially at Center where Joakim Noah has made a claim to being the best Center in the NBA.

This will be the series that Bulls’ Head Coach Tom Thibodeau will need to manage his bench well, specifically at the Point Guard spot, otherwise Wall could ruin the Bulls’ chances at making the second round.

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