Jimmer Fredette got past the Orlando Magic Defense, here Ronnie Price, all night Monday. Photo Courtesy of Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmer Fredette Finally Contributes for Chicago Bulls

During last night’s game between the Chicago Bulls and Orlando MagicJimmer Fredette made the most of his best playing time since he signed with the Bulls in early March. Fredette scored 17 points and had three assists in 31 minutes of playing time. While these stats aren’t great, for a deep bench player that usually doesn’t get anywhere near that kind of playing time, it’s good to see Fredette able to score if needed.

While D.J. Augustin sat out last night’s game due to his wife giving birth to their child, Fredette came in to a round of applause early in the second quarter, and was met with Brian Scalbrine-esque cheers throughout the night. From his runners over taller defenders to his mid-range jumpers, Fredette contributed well on offense. He shot 7-14 from the field, and made both free throw attempts he took. Fredette also had good outcomes on missed shots, as Joakim Noah was able to pick up offensive rebounds for immediate points on two of Fredette’s misses.

While Augustin will be back for the playoffs, making Fredette’s future contributions seem almost unnecessary, yet welcoming. If Fredette can make one shot that ties a game late in the fourth quarter, it will make the signing immediately worth it, and not giving up anything for one of the best pure shooters in the NBA seems like a great deal for a team that is in desperate need of scoring for a hopefully deep playoff run.

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