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Chicago Bulls' Loss Could Be Devastating

The Chicago Bulls lost to the New York Knicks Sunday by a score of 100-89. The loss does as much damage as the seven previous wins had done good, knocking the Bulls from the no.3 seed down to no.4. Having the same record as the Atlantic Division winning Toronto Raptors doesn’t bode well, considering the Raptors have the much easier remaining schedule. The Bulls will play the Orlando Magic tomorrow and finish up the season by playing the current no.7 seed Charlotte Bobcats. The Raptors have drawn the NBA’s worst team, the Milwaukee Bucks followed by the Knicks.

The Bulls need the no.3 seed to avoid a very tough match-up in the first-round. As of now, the no.6 seed is the Washington Wizards, a surprise team that many didn’t expect to contend at all this year. While that’s all fine, their talent doesn’t compare favorably to the no.5 seed, the Brooklyn Nets.

After last season’s epic seven-game series, no Bulls fan really wants to face the Nets again. The Nets pushed the Bulls to the brink, and there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t do the same thing again. The Wizards are tough, but don’t have the same level of skill as the Nets.

The Bulls can definitely win their last two games, and as the Knicks proved tonight they are still a good team, so the third-seed isn’t out of the question for the Bulls. But needing help is scary when so much could be on the line. But if the team plays to their abilities, it might not matter at all.

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