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Chicago Cubs' Offensive Unpredictability is Old

For fans of the Chicago Cubs, the team has been very frustrating recently. Besides the obvious amount of losses and lack of money spent on free agents, the Cubs’ offensive unpredictability may just be the most frustrating part of being a Cubs fan, as they showed so much promise in yesterday’s beat-down of the Philadelphia Phillies, yet are sure to eventually lay a goose egg when a great pitching performance needs just a run or two.

While the team put up eight runs in Sunday’s win, that is equal to the number of runs the team had scored in their first five games. This is a horrible number considering that the team played almost an entire game’s worth of extra innings in the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. So while an eight-run game is nice, 16 runs through almost seven games is not a good number.

While offense is tough to become “predictable” or consistent in, it’s something that the team must do in the future if they hope to contend as early as some fans hope they will. While great hitters are coming through the minor league system, teaching some consistency might do wonders for not only them, but current veterans and the team as a whole.

While the pitching hasn’t been perfect this year, having a team that can regularly put at least 3-4 runs on the board will help any top-notch pitching rotation, and do even better things for below-average rotations like the one the Cubs currently own.

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