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Chicago White Sox Made One of Worst Trades of Off-Season

Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson during Spring Training. Photo by Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In mid-December, the Chicago White Sox quietly made one of the worst trades of the entire off-season. In their second of two off-season trades with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Sox sent their now 25-year old closer, who recorded 40 saves in 2013 for a team that won only 67 games, to the Diamondbacks for Matt Davidson, a “middle-of-the-order run-producer” who couldn’t even crack the Sox’ Opening Day roster in a weak infield. While Davidson could still turn into something, seeing as he is 23-years old, giving up a legitimate closer for a guy who may or may not become a producer for the team is a horrible move.

Last season, Reed saved 40 games, while blowing eight saves. While the blown saves number seems a little high, when you look at some of the defensive catastrophes he was given, as also take into consideration the fact that he is only 25, these numbers are not only respectable, but good. Reed looked to be a sure-fire All Star as a relief pitcher, something the Sox have been accustomed to for a while. When you look at some of the relief pitchers that team has had since 2000, the list includes Keith Foulke, Dustin Hermanson, Bobby Jenks and even Shingo Takatsu, who eventually became a below-average pitcher.

Davidson very well could become that run-producer GM Rick Hahn hopes he can be, but for the moment this is one of the worst trades of in a while, and it shouldn’t surprise anybody that the move was made by the White Sox. Especially not Ken Griffey Jr.

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  • Dusty Reynolds

    The author is way off track here. Closer can be found anywhere, you can’t find quality potential middle of the order players everywhere. Because a couple blown saves early in the season and only one costing the CWS the game we should not get away from how terrible the CWS offense was last year and with little help coming from the minors. Trading away a man that knew how to blow a sure fire save for a potentially all-star 3rd baseman in my book is always a good trade. 8 blown saves 8 losses/ worst offense in the AL last year something had to be changed and by the way you have to give something good up to get something good. Teams don’t just give good young players away. Also the only reason that Davidson did not make the roster is to preserve one more year of his arbitration. Money rules all!

  • Jim Ludes

    Agree with Dusty below, David. Thank God you’re not the GM, son. You traded away an average closer who will want to be paid soon for a future 5th or 6th hitting 3B. That’s a great move in my book. Would it have been nice if his .906 OPS in 41 PA got him to break camp with the team? Maybe. But like Dusty said, they can send him to AAA to refine that swing, work on his defense and bring him up next year as an age 24 3B for the next decade.