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Should Chicago White Sox Cut Off Seating For Certain Games?

White Sox

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports, showing only a handful of fans in Left Field

Today, not only 670 the Score (WSCR), but even the website Deadspin got hold of the sad scene that was the Chicago White Sox game. At first pitch, the recorded attendance was a measly 800 people. The official attendance recorded by the team was just over 11,000, but if you see any highlights from the game that number is nowhere near correct. No sections even look half-full, and that includes the busy sections right behind home plate and directly down the lines. With that being the case, the team might eventually, for the sake of not being humiliated by local and national media outlets, decide to cut off seating in certain parts of the ballpark, specifically the upper deck.

While this won’t increase attendance, it will make the games seem much fuller than they actually are. Most camera shots only show the bottom half of the ballpark anyways, making this a perfect time to fill up that area while having no patrons sit in the upper deck. Not only will this improve the quality on television, but it will boost morale for fans in attendance, who will be closer to the action and be in a greater atmosphere with other fans, as opposed to sitting by themselves in the far corners.

Furthermore, this could drive ticket sales, as many people will view the tickets as “must-have.” While they aren’t really, not in a disrespectful way, people want what others have.

There are plenty of games that the team won’t need to shut off seating for, including many game once the weather improves. But games against other lower-level teams, on weekdays in the cold will lead to attendance like what we saw today, which is just embarrassing.

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