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Top Five Questions Chicago Fans Will Ask MLB Opening Day


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Every year, Chicago fans ask very similar question when MLB’s Opening Day comes along, especially when both teams have expectations as low as they do this season. Most fans completely forget about baseball through the long winter months, begin to care when Spring Training starts and then begin to move away from caring about the sport. So as today is the first of 162 games for both the Cubs and White Sox, let’s go through the five questions you might hear today from other fans.

1. “Who is that?”

jose abreu

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Fans that didn’t pay attention to off-season moves will often ask this upon seeing a new acquisition for the first time. The most notable addition on either side this off-season was Jose Abreu for the White Sox, but people may also ask who Mike Olt and Emilio Bonifacio are on the other side of town. Expect a lot of puzzled looks when these players get their first at-bats today.


2. “Baseball started today?”

Yes, even though you post hundreds of Facebook posts and Tweets telling people how excited you are for today, Opening Day, people will read that and forget about it when they see a cute cat two posts later. Baseball just isn’t as popular anymore, meaning that more than a few fans will get the wrong date on Opening Day, leading to this question.

3. “Why does (Insert Manager/GM/Player here) still have a job?”

Yes, every strikeout and every home run given up will lead one fan to ask why that player has a job. If the manager calls in the wrong pitcher, he will ask the same. Even when the teams go to 0-1, that fan will ask why the team hasn’t fired the GM yet. It’s annoying, but someone always believes that there are hundreds of more suitable people to hold those positions. Are the wrong? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Intelligent? Probably not so much.

4. “Is it next year yet?”

This is especially true for Cubs fans. You will get more than one fan ask if it’s next year every time a bad play happens. The first base hit Jeff Samardzija or Chris Sale give up will be followed by some cranky fan asking this question. It’s not funny, and especially in a season that is lost. You can ask this when the team is eliminated from playoff contention, but until then just watch the game.

5. “When does football start?”

Chicago is a football town, no doubt about that. But asking when the Bears start their season in March is annoying and ignorant to those who want to watch their team play that day. When the draft rolls around, get excited for the Bears, but until then just watch some baseball.

Follow me on Twitter and let me know what annoying things you hear on Opening Day. Also stay tuned for the first of a very fun series I will be doing, that involves an interview with a former Chicago athlete that you will remember, but only if you’re a true fan of Chicago sports teams.

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  • Cooper Snow

    This article is completely ridiculous.I think any White Sox or Cubs fan would disagree with a lot of the things you just claimed David. Chicago is a baseball town just as much as Boston or New York, we just don’t get as much credit. Everybody watches all the bias coverage towards the East and West coast powerhouses on networks like ESPN. We are the underdog, and we like it that way. Go show this article to any fan on opening day and you’ll get booed out of the stadium if not worse. Maybe the sox don’t win the division, but they will contend again very soon. The attendance will rise and the ratings will return, even if the sox never fill up the Cell. Baseball may not be as popular, but look at the resurgence of the Blackhawks and the growing popularity of hockey in Chicago due to a few championships. Can you blame Chicago fans for not wanting to watch their teams lose? Last year was a horrible year for Chicago baseball, and the worst in a very long time.I am part of that generation of “baseball hating, social network loving kids” that you speak of. I will forever be a Sox fan, and watching games at the ballpark with family and friends is the best part of any summer.