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Can Depaul Womens Basketball Make Final Four?

The Depaul Blue Demons upset the no.2 Duke Blue Devils to reach the Sweet Sixteen. This is the first time the team has reached this round since 2011, when they lost to the same Duke team, and is only their third appearance in the round all-time. After dominating the Big East all season, going 15-3 in conference while also winning the first Big East tournament, the team was given a rough draw as a no.7 seed, yet has now beaten two very good programs and are set to take on Texas A&M next. But can the team realistically defeat them and move on to the elite Eight and possibly the Final Four? The short answer is no.

While Texas A&M is a team that Depaul can definitely beat, as they have been playing poorly in the tournament. Texas A&M has beating a no.14 and no.11 seed by 15 and 16 points respectively. Depaul has wins over much stiffer competition and has proven it can outscore teams that aren’t ready for their attack. This game should be close, and either side can win. In fact Depaul matches up well and has a very good chance of pulling off its second straight upset. The problem lies immediately after Texas A&M, where the undefeated, no.1 overall seed Connecticut Huskies will sit.

Depaul does not have the ability to beat UConn, and most people will agree that the Huskies will walk undefeated into the National Championship game where they will face a tough test from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Depaul can definitely play well against UConn, but in the end the game will probably be a blowout, assuming they get there.

While Depaul should be proud of this season and their first major conference championship victory, their real championship game will be against Texas A&m because UConn looks unbeatable, especially to a team with the skill level of the Blue Demons.

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