Mar 19, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer (5) during the first quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. The Bulls defeated the Sixers 102-94. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Boozer Rocking Boat While Bulls Sail On

Over the past month the Bulls have had the best record in the Eastern Conference. Their defense has actually gotten better over the course of the year, and they are heading into the playoffs as the team no one wants to face. Things are going well on all fronts for them, right? Do not tell that to Carlos Boozer.

For the second time this season, Boozer is complaining. First, he complained that he was not getting the minutes down the stretch in games that a starter normally garners.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times writes that Boozer is not happy. His displeasure has to do with him having the feeling of being “pushed out” by the organization at the end of the year.

For their part, Gar Forman and John Paxson say they have not made a decision of Boozer. They have the option of amnestying his contract and freeing up his $16.8 million salary due next season.

The option of amnesty is something the Bulls won’t do just for the sake of it. They have to decide whether or not they are in play for any of the big free agents like Carmelo Anthony this offseason. There is also the plan on Nikola Mirotic and if they are able to get him away from Real Madrid.

This airing out his frustrations is one of the things that infuriate Bulls fans when it comes to Boozer. He seems to be concerned with things that he shouldn’t be concerned with. He wants to be the yeller on the court, whether the Bulls are up by 20 or down by 20. He complains about his minutes and his status NEXT YEAR, when things are going well NOW and he should be preparing for a big playoff run.

The Bulls cutting ties with Boozer would be something the Bulls have to think about. He is a big chunk of the team’s salary cap, and freeing up that money allows them to pick up the scorer this team sorely needs.

Boozer has been productive in terms of the regular season, but the perception is that he does not carry it over to the playoffs. As well at the team may do in the regular season, it is in the playoffs when a team establishes its reputation.

Beating the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers in the regular season means nothing if one of them is holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy instead of the Bulls.

Boozer just needs to keep his mouth shut, play out the season, maybe contribute to a long playoff run, then worry about the offseason when it comes. Worrying about that stuff now just reinforces the bad feelings some Bulls have for him. It would also look bad for him while trying to find a new team to play for.

Why invite the trouble when the Chicago Bulls are the feel-good story of the year?

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  • MAR07

    I know the media wants to create stories. But in Boozer’s defense his statements have been pretty mild. For all accounts he is a team player and is always supportive on the court especially for Gbson, the teammate and back up that is playing more and more.
    Then there is the media that complains when he does say something event though 90% of the articles written on the Bulls talk about Boozer being let go this off season under the amnesty provision.
    I guess maybe its the media that should not talk about the off season if they want the Bulls to stay focused.

    • Leroy Boyd

      You actually think the media can impact what the Bulls do on the court? Apparently you know nothing about the Bulls

  • Julie CzerwinWeaver

    If Boozer would play to his potential then he may have had a chance in staying with the team. Whining is not going to get him anywhere. Regardless, I am ready for Noah to go off on his ass if he hasn’t already in the locker room. I have noticed in the last 15 games the slump and lack of defense. For pete’s sake why doesn’t he help the team get a ring? Go out with a BOOM! Regardless, the Bulls paid him well these past couple of years but he is not playing up to his potential, let alone his pay.
    I believe he needs to get it together and help this team win. He prolly wouldn’t be starting if he did not have such a huge contract.
    The reason the media continues to discuss his amnesty at the end of the season is because, and I will say it again, he is showing complete lack of ambition and intensity. He has grown on me, and I loved the Lebron shoulder shove last year and Booz didn’t budge. Where is that Guy?

    • Leroy Boyd

      Play up to his potential man please the potential we are forever never going to see is on defense
      If he played any form of defense just take a charge all Boozer does is push players