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Tom Thibodeau wants Derrick Rose to play in FIBA World Cup

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Chicago Bulls’ head coach Tom Thibodeau said in a recent interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell that he would love for Derrick Rose to play in the FIBA World Cup this Summer. “If he’s healthy and he’s cleared. I thought it was a great experience for him before. I know he’d like to do it,” said Thibodeau before Wednesday’s game versus the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rose playing in the World Cup would be a very unpopular opinion for Bulls fans. The fan base is tired of being without Rose, a former MVP who has now played 12 games in the past two seasons. Now with the World Cup coming up, both Thibodeau and Rose have expressed interest in Rose playing in the World Cup.

Most fans have been waiting for Rose to return full-time, and with his injury earlier this season it seemed that he would never return to the level he was once at. When fans learned that he would miss the rest of the season, it was depressing to say the least. If he does miss the entire season though, and then plays in a tournament that almost nobody cares about, there would be legitimate threats of riots. Any real fan would be offended by Rose playing in a meaningless tournament that gets almost no fan-fare.

While we can all understand why Rose wants to play in the tournament, it’s still not right for Rose to play in a tournament with an entire city desperately waiting for his return. While the tournament means something to most players, nobody will really care how Team USA does in this tournament. Thibodeau should realize this and put the future of his team over one player’s aspirations.

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