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Matt Garza Wants to 'Beat Cubs'

Former Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza, who signed with the team’s rival the Milwaukee Brewers this off-season, recently stated in an interview that he wants to, “kick [the team's] teeth in every time I get the chance.”

Garza, who was traded to the Texas Rangers at last season’s trade deadline, wished the team the best but said he wanted to beat them every chance he got.

“I dealt with a lot there,” Garza said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. “A lot of positives and some negatives.”

Garza seems to be angered by the team’s admittance of rebuilding, as he was told not to get too comfortable with the team by some executives.

While Garza has always been a good pitcher, it should be agreed that he doesn’t have the skill to “kick the teeth in” of the Cubs hitters. Garza has a 67-67 career record in eight seasons with four teams, which will soon be five. Garza is talented, but has never been the dominant pitcher so many experts believed he could be.

Jeff Samardzija, the Cubs’ opening day starter, laughed the interview off, saying, “Garza wants to kick everyone’s teeth in when he plays them, above all, he wants to compete.”

What do you think of Garza’s comments, just playful jabbing by a former teammate, or are his remarks unwarranted? Do you think Garza has the ability to beat the Cubs every time he faces them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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