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Bears Free Agency: Has the Team Done Enough?

The Chicago Bears made a splash on day one of free agency by signing one of the top defensive players, Lamarr Houston. Since then, however, the team’s signings haven’t had the same impact. Between only somewhat solving the safety issue to not addressing the need for more top-tier defensive line help, has what the team done been enough to make them legitimate contenders? In my opinion, that answer is simply no.

The Bears were once again busy on this third day of free agency, signing DE Willie Young and WR Dominik Hixon, but still have not struck a deal with DE Jared Allen. Allen could be the key to whether or not the Bears have a successful off-season, as Young will more than likely not provide the same amount of help on defense that Allen would.

While the team was unable to sign FS Jairus Byrd, widely considered the top free agent before the signing period started, the free agency still could become a success with some other savvy moves. Unfortunately it seems that as of now the team has not made those necessary moves. As of now the safety position is still a major case of concern for the team as it also failed in signing a strong safety to take over for Chris Conte. Besides that, the team may have totally passed on Allen with the signing of Young, a much lower-level player. While Young should be a contributor for the team, he statistically does not put up the same numbers as Allen.

If the team were to not sign any more impressive free agents, I believe most fans would agree that this offseason was not a success, regardless of their one big signing. If you do think the team has done enough to be a legitimate contender in 2014, let me know why in the comments section below. As always, your input is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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  • Brian

    I agree completely with your article as of right now. However, I think if the Bears can resign Melton in the middle and draft a top tier DT our line would be above average and would be more than enough to stop the run and get to the passer… Our DBs are still suspect in my opinion, but they can’t get worse than what we had last year. Im glad the bears didnt sign Allen. We just cut Peppers and it wouldnt make sense to sign another 32 year old for $10M/yr… That would mean we took 1 step forward and 2 steps back… I thing signing the younger two ends who have been showing theyre capable of stopping the run and theyre in the top 10 last year at the position of hurrying and hits on th qb is the right direction to start in. Their best years are still ahead of them and could be promising for the Bears, especially for their price tag. Overall I’m happy with the off season so far and think our last needed contribution in free agency is resigning Melton. Great article though, thanks.

  • Big Swede

    How in the world do you criticize the Bears organization 3 days into free agency? You don’t “win” during FA or during the College Draft. You win games during the season and THAT is the only thing that counts.

    There is no way to tell today how this new Bears team will mesh, or which players may have the proverbial “career year” in 2014. Phil Emery did and awesome job with the offense last year… lets see how the defense shapes up during the season before you start declaring that not enough was done.

    Save your doomsday chatter for January when we will know for sure