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Chicago Bulls Play Against Fanbase's Expectations Versus Miami Heat

This is a strange development for a team that has been full of them this season. The Chicago Bulls once again played the Miami Heat well, and walked away with an impressive overtime victory. The win might be extra-sweet considering the fact that Joakim Noah recently called out the team’s performance following a loss to the same Heat team on March 23, which I wrote about here.

The win continues a strange occurrence for the Bulls. The team seems to play abnormally well against the Heat when the fanbase expects nothing from them, and plays well under-expectations when the fanbase expects great things. This has become common for the team, and is peculiar as well as frustrating.

In this most recent win, not much was expected considering the loss recently to the Heat as well as the loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night. The team played some of it’s best basketball at the end of the game and won.

Think back to the opening night of this season. Derrick Rose was finally making his return and the team played so well against the Heat in the playoffs the previous season that it seemed so likely the team would win. Instead, almost the entire team disappointed en route to a loss.

Last season going into the first game of the playoff series between the two teams, most fans weren’t expecting much. In fact, most fans were just happy to have won the first-round series. So when the Bulls won in Miami in Game 1, fans were surprised and elated. The team might even be able to win.

Game 2, however, was different. With one win in hand, most fans expected another close game and hopefully another win. Instead, the Bulls got manhandled by an obviously-superior Heat team.

When fans expect wins and nothing less against the Heat, the Bulls tend to fall flat. When fans aren’t confident, the Bulls show them why they should be. It’s been this way for quite some time now, and it’s both entertaining and angering.

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