Photo taken by David Ridderhoff at WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw: From the Stands

Last night, Monday Night Raw took place at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. As anticipated, the crowd was rowdy and gave the superstars and executives some great heat. Here’s a quick re-cap of my night at Raw.

When my group walked into the Allstate Arena and walked to our seats, John Laurinaitis, current road agent and former General Manager of Raw, walked into the building and right in front of us.

When CM Punk‘s music hit, it was deafening. While the WWE didn’t silence the crowd’s chants throughout the night as expected, when I watch back I think they might have here. It was so loud I could barely hear the music and I was sitting on the floor-area. As I watched replays, it didn’t seem as loud as I thought it was.

The boos for Stephanie McMahon were incredible. Definitely couldn’t hear a word she said. I haven’t been able to watch that part of the show yet, but I’ve been told people couldn’t even hear her on TV, which is very impressive.

Match-wise, not a lot going on. The Usos got a good pop for winning the Tag titles, as did both member of the Cesaro-Big E match, but all in all not a lot of good pops for competitors. The only good one was probably Dolph Ziggler.

On a sidenote, Alberto Del Rio was on the turnbuckle and stared obviously at my group as we were the only ones standing and cheering for him in our section. Regardless of whether or not he really was, it looked like he was staring at us and gave us a smirk.

The crowd had an impressive “We Want Puppies” chant for the Divas match between The Bella Twins and the team of Alicia Fox and Aksana.

The main event was an obvious disappointment. Everyone knew it would be when it started at 10:05, the time Raw is supposed to end.

After the show Big Show and John Cena came out to save Bryan. By this point the crowd was leaving and neither superstar got much of a pop.

Overall the experience was great, and the crowd was pretty awesome. The Universe wishes the results had been different, but when the WWE returns to Chicago, June 1 for Payback, it will be the hottest ticket in town once again.

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