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Bulls Possibly Interested in Jimmer Fredette

With the Sacramento Kings reportedly buying-out out the contract of PG Jimmer Fredette, two teams have emerged as contenders to sign the cult-hero: the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. While the Bulls can use Fredette to make their playoff push, they might not be fully interested due to their desire to be under the luxury tax.

According to reports, the Bulls are the favorites to land Fredette if they can sign him to a prorated minimum deal that would pay him less that the $600,000 the team is away from going over the luxury tax. Trading Luol Deng was made in an obvious effort to avoid this tax.

While Fredette was a superstar at BYU, his pro-days have been mediocre at best. Fredette has averaged seven points per game in his short career, while shooting 40% from 3-point range. This comes after averaging 29 points per game in his final season at BYU.

While Fredette is a good shooter who has almost-unlimited range, he’s the kind of player who has almost no defensive skill or athleticism to speak of. Fredette would take on a role very similar to Kyle Korver, who was really only on the team to take outside shots.

The scariest part about Fredette is the fact that almost all of his stats have gone down since his rookie year. While his shooting percentages have increased, Fredette has seen a huge drop-off in not only points, but also assists and minutes. That could have something to do with the emergence of Isaiah Thomas, but the fact that the Kings don’t trust him enough to give him more than 11 minutes per night is scary, considering how poorly the Kings have been recently.

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