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Projecting Each Chicago Team's Next Title

While projections are tough, it’s nice to get a glimpse of the future. While these are in no way automatic, and could very well be completely wrong, they are my projections for when each Chicago team will win their next championship. Each team will get a five-year window that I project they will win in.

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1. Chicago Blackhawks (2014-2018)

The Blackhawks are young and deep. They’ve already proved they can win a championship, and most of their star players are just reaching, or will soon reach, their prime. Now that the Goalie situation is settled, the team will continue to find great depth Defensemen to play next to guys like Hjalmarsson and Leddy, while making smart trades and drafting well. The Hawks are one of the most well-run organizations in all of professional sports, and their fan-base should be rewarded again very soon.

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2. Chicago Cubs (2019-2023)

While this seems far away, 2019 is only six seasons away. The farm system for the Cubs is one of the best in baseball, and may in fact be the best. From Kris Bryant to Javier Baez, the Cubs will have a great line-up if these prospects turn into half of what they are expected to be. Add that to Theo Epstein’s brilliance and hopefully a solid manager, whether that be Rick Renteria or someone else, and this team could be dangerous sooner rather than later.

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3. Chicago Bulls (2025-2029)

Now we’re seeing some way out there numbers. The Bulls can’t win a championship as long as Tom Thibodeau overplays his players and LeBron James is a member of a team with another star player. Once all of these variables are fixed, the Bulls could do well. It’s going to take a long time for the Bulls to get a championship. Too many things need to happen for them. I think in 12 years we could see a championship team in the Bulls, but as of now, they’re not as close as anyone seems to think.

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4. Chicago Bears (2027-2031)

The Bears should be able to compete around the same time the Bulls will. While I’d love to say Jay Cutler will lead the Bears to a Super Bowl championship, I just don’t see it. I’m a huge Cutler fan, I’m actually wearing his jersey as I write this, but there are too many great teams for the Bears to get past. Even if they get over the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, they still have to beat some combination of the Seahawks, 49ers, Saints, Eagles and Panthers to even reach the Super Bowl, where the Broncos, Patriots or Colts sit. There are too many teams better than the Bears right now, and I think dark times could be looming for the team.

5. Chicago White Sox (2036-2040)

Speaking of dark times. I honestly can’t see any reason the White Sox can compete any time soon. With no real major league talent and a minor league system among the worst in baseball, this team is plain bad. Sorry to all of you White Sox fans, but be prepared for a long time of suffering coming up for your team. Jose Abreu was a great signing, and trading for Adam Eaton was smart, but there are way too many question marks for the team right now, and Rick Hahn has proven that he is not a fan of spending big money in Free Agency, besides the Abreu signing. The White Sox better have a great scouting team, otherwise it could be even longer than projected before the White Sox win a World Series.

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