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Hard Knocks Would be Great for the Bears

There has been much opposition to the HBO show Hard Knocks invading the Bears for an offseason by fans. However, it’s a great idea.

Unofrtunately, due to a tough schedule and still unproven defense, the Bears should not be considered a favorite for the Super Bowl next season. This season is almost lost, so even if the team suffers due to the show, it probably won’t matter much.

The team plays the AFC East (home to the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, and Jets) and NFC South (Panthers, Saints, Buccaneers, and Falcons). Their second place finish in 2013 means they will also play the 49ers and Cowboys in intra-division play next season. At first glance, I see a schedule that could leave the Bears somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7.

The main point is the “Hard Knocks Curse”. In all honesty, no teams have even played below expectations since the 2008 Cowboys, who finished 9-7. True, the first years of Hard Knocks featured unspectacular teams, including the 2007 Chiefs who finished 4-12, but the Bengals this past season, Dolphins the show season before, and the 2010 Jets were all as or more successful than most analysts believed they would be. There is no curse to Hard Knocks.

The team would be fun to watch, with characters such as Marc Trestman, Jay Cutler, Martellus Bennett and Brandon Marshall. Every fan wants an inside scoop on what’s going on with their favorite team, which is why the Bears Training Camp in Bourbonnais is so popular. Any fan would admit that they wanted a more in-depth look at their team, and the excitement would be high.

People may be opposed to the idea for other reasons, but the main reason is all wrong. If you have another reason why you don’t think the team should be on Hard Knocks, tell us in the comments.

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