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Brian Urlacher Should Just Move On And Enjoy Retirement

The Bears were not in the Super Bowl this week, but an ex-Bear got some attention for taking shots at his former team.

Brian Urlacher was in New York for Super Bowl week working for FOX Sports. That gave him a platform to take his shots at his former team, the team that probably made the only offer to him last offseason before he decided to retire.

Urlacher expressed some bad feelings he holds towards GM Phil Emery and Jay Cutler.

“The thinking is, if you have a franchise quarterback, you hold onto them’’ Urlacher said. “It’s hard to find them in the NFL, and I think the GM there thought he had one, so he paid him like one.’’

Okay, not only did he say he thought of Cutler as a franchise quarterback, he did not even mention either Emery or Cutler by name. No love lost from Urlacher’s side, right?

Urlacher also spoke about how former coach Lovie Smith should never have gotten fired. He also thinks the GM-who-shall-remain-nameless is trying to purge the team of Smith’s players. “What I’m thinking is the new guy that came in there, he’s just trying to get rid of all of Lovie’s players, is the way I feel about it.”

The one time Urlacher did mention Cutler by name was in September when he said that Cutler was the only person who had not called him after he announced his retirement. Really he is hurt that Jay Cutler did not call him, even though the two did not have the best relationship? Remember when former teammate Bobby Wade said Urlacher called Cutler a p***y on a Las Vegas trip?

Brian was a great player for the Bears. He was the face of the franchise, and will be enshrined in Canton. He has got to let go of how his time in Chicago ended and just enjoy his retirement.

Charles Tillman is in a similar position as Urlacher was last year. His take on the situation is different, however. “You know, whatever happens, there will be no bad blood,” he said. “I do not think there will be any bad blood. Hell, I know there won’t be anything bad.”

It seems Urlacher loved Chicago so much he could not let go of the fact that they did not re-sign him. He felt he could play one more season, and the Bears agreed, but the amount the Bears were willing to pay was not near the amount Urlacher was looking for. That is what riled Urlacher.

“Honestly, I probably would’ve played another year there if that’s the way it would’ve been handled. But I was so mad at the way it was handled. I thought it was just wrong the way it all went down.”

Come on, Brian, let the fans remember you as one of the best middle linebackers of all-time for a franchise that have had their share of great ones. We do not want this whiny crybaby we see now. They have already forgiven you for saying you could care less what the fans think. I don’t know if they could forgive your continued crusade against the team.

Be like Tillman, Brian, and let go of all the resentment. Enjoy your retirement.

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