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Cubs Surpassing Astros as MLB Laughing Stock

With the MLB projections officially out, the Cubs are projected to be the worst team in baseball, and nothing that is going on with the MLB team looks to change those projections. The minor league system is becoming one of the strongest in the league, but their MLB roster is probably the weakest. As bad as the Astros have been, the Cubs are now surpassing that team, as well as plenty of other lower end teams like the Marlins, Twins, and White Sox.

While the team is bad, that isn’t the only thing that constitutes a laughing stock. How about the fact that the team literally went after one big name free agent this off-season, and lost out? Or the fact that the owners refuse to spend money on any other players, because they won’t contend with that contracted player this season? There’s also my personal favorite, the team basically turned themselves into a minor league team by introducing nine alternate jerseys for one season.

While the final point doesn’t seem all that important, it comes down to the fact that all of those uniforms are just a way for the owners to make money off of diehard fans who want the newest merchandise. Minor League teams often introduce multiple uniforms that are used once and then auctioned off to fans. Eerily similar to what it appears the Cubs will be doing.

All of these things make for a team with a bright future to be looked at as a joke. The Astros were the biggest laughing stock in the league due to horrible play and bad decisions, but now the Cubs are doing all of those things, just on a larger scale. The future is bright, but the team that matters in the system is the MLB team, and it’s quickly becoming not only a joke, but the joke in the MLB.

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  • Sonny Wright

    As i had predicted the Cub owners threw Tanakas’ name around to shut the fans up for awhile. NO ONE WILL OUT BID US they said, then gave a lowball bid, and backed off,now they are talking about this young man in Korea, tell me who would want to play for a team that don’t try to put a competitive team on the field. If they wait till all the prospects are ready for the bigs it will be another 100 yrs.. Put the best men available on the field then when a prospect is ready replace the man on the field with a rookie.. They must have bought the Cubs for a write off.

  • BigJonLilJon

    Seems more and more likely that the rumors the Cubs have money problems are true. Your exactly right Sonny… Tanaka deal was a smokescreen to pacify fans for a few months. I am embarrassed to be a Cubs fan and the Rickets will get none of my money until they put a major league team on the field. I am sick and tired of there excuses and the lies!!