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Sleeved Jerseys Still in Plan for NBA

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The NBA is still planning on unveiling sleeved jerseys for NBA teams, and it appears we could see more of the look for next season’s Christmas Day games, as well as the All-Star Game. The players seem to be very much against the jerseys, yet the NBA still continues to push the idea.

Bleacher Report recently polled 21 anonymous NBA players, ranging from MVPs to Role Players, and only two of those players were in favor of sleeved jerseys being used on a regular basis. One player, who was referred to as “a Western Conference Power Forward,”  told the site, “They are hideous, the sleeves are awkward, and they are being implemented so the NBA can make more money.”

The NBA’s executive vice president of global merchandising, Sal LaRocca, recently said in an interview, “We don’t have any intention to do anything that is going to compromise the play on the court or that the players are against doing,” to which another player responded, “I don’t think they look good or feel good. But I’ve come to accept that the NBA doesn’t care what we think.”

Going around the internet, it will be difficult to really find anyone who supports the sleeved jerseys. Visit this Reddit page from a few months ago, and you’ll see very few supporters of the jerseys:

Through all of this, the NBA still claims the fans want the sleeves and that it doesn’t effect players’ shots. Of course, they’re just in the business of making money, and the players and fans’ opinions seem to mean nothing to them. LaRocca also said in the interview, “If the feedback is that the players don’t want to wear them, we won’t.” But how true will that be if the NBA loses any amount of money from ceasing sales of the jersey? The players have been vocal so far, but it’s going to take more players opposing the idea publicly to trash the sleeved concept.

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