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Bulls Getting Carmelo Anthony? Don't Hold Your Breath

A false sense of hope has fallen over Bull fans recently. If I remember correctly, the fan base had the same sense of hope in 2010. The hope that the Bulls would land one of the plentiful bounty of elite free agents. I hate to break it to everyone, Carmelo Anthony will be a free agent after this season, but he won’t be a Bull.

It’s great in theory. A large-market team that may have some extra money to spend and in need of an offensive spark. Anthony is on a quest to win a championship and make some money, two things the Bulls may be able to offer.

After Friday’s 62-point game, Bull fans started to realize he’d be a perfect fit for the team. Usually a 62-point game does that, but his smooth shooting and ability to create his own shot were put on display. No player on the Bulls can truly create their own effective shot, which leads to plenty of games with scoring in the 80’s or even lower.

So, everything would make sense, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen. There is one main reason why he won’t join the team, and that is Coach Tom Thibodeau.

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Anthony would not fit with Thibodeau at all. First, Thibodeau is all defense, and Anthony plays some of the worst defense in the NBA. Thibodeau will not allow him to play that kind of defense for his team. Besides that, Thibodeau overplays and overworks his players. Jimmy Butler played 48 minutes multiple times last postseason. Thibodeau will also make Anthony give 100% during every practice. Anthony isn’t exactly Allen Iverson when it comes to practice, but he won’t want to work as hard every day in practice. Thibodeau’s style does not fit Anthony at all, and while it seems small, those facts will not be appealing to Anthony.

Also, the Bulls seem content with not surrounding Derrick Rose with the proper talent. Even though we don’t know what Rose will give the team next season, if anything, he needs another player to complement him if the team wants to win an NBA Championship. Rose has stated that he wants to win a title by himself, but in reality, that’s not possible. Not when teams like the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers exist. Rose can not beat those teams’ stars by himself. The team has made no effort to supply that talent. It was obvious that Luol Deng and Joakim Noah could not be that number two that would put the Bulls over the top, yet the team didn’t add another star to the team to facilitate the championship journey. It seems that the team is extremely content with being only good. The team has made no effort to become great.

It seems amazing, almost too good to be true, and it is. Carmelo Anthony will not be joining the Bulls this Summer. If you think he is, don’t get too excited. There are even more reasons besides the ones mentioned that will keep Anthony from the Bulls.

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