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Roger Goodell Considering Removing PATs

News is making its way through the internet that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is considering not going through with PATs anymore, as the tries are becoming “automatic”. In an interview with ESPN, Goodell claimed that in the past season, only five PATs were unsuccessful out of almost 1,200 attempts.

Goodell’s plan calls for touchdowns to now be worth seven points. From there, a team can attempt another play from scrimmage (probably still the 2-yard line) to get an eighth point, with failure leading to the team getting only six points from the touchdown.

While Goodell has a point saying that PATs don’t bring excitement to the game, does every play in an NFL game have to be exciting? Why not just eliminate run plays up the middle, since a large majority of them go for almost no gain? Of course, that’s an extreme, but it shows that not every play needs to be an exciting play that changes the course of a game.

Goodell stated that there are some major obstacles involved in the rule change going into place, and so we probably will not be seeing the rule implemented for the 2014 season.

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