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Carmelo Anthony Would Be Great Free Agent Pickup For Chicago Bulls

As the Bulls continue slashing their payroll getting ready for next season, names of future free agents have popped up as targets. One of the most intriguing names is that of Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony is one of the best scorers in the NBA, and many teams would want him on their roster. Being a native New Yorker, would he leave home to play somewhere else? He did what he could to get traded their a few years ago, so why would he leave?

It has been reported that Anthony’s preference would be to stay in New York. With the chaos going on there right now, however, some in his camp are stating that the New York environment is too big a mess to continue playing there.

Anthony has a list of four teams that he would like to play for – the Knicks, of course, both Los Angeles teams, the Clippers and Lakers, and the Bulls. There were rumors of a Blake Griffin-Anthony trade, but it looks as if the Clippers are not receptive to trading Griffin. The Lakers would have the money to go after Anthony, but the Buss family feud may prevent them from getting the necessary pieces.

Anthony has the same CAA representation that coach Tom Thibodeau has so that would help Chicago. What also helps is that Anthony has said on a number of occasions that he respects Thibodeau and would love to play for a coach like him.

Even if Anthony wants to go to Chicago, is he a good fit with the Bulls?

Anthony would fit like a glove in Chicago. He and Rose together could be Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook 2.0. Many speculate that Anthony would want the ball too much to fit in with Rose. With Anthony doing the scoring, Rose would not have to shoulder the load of the team and thus could end up saving himself, health-wise.

Rose was the go-to scorer on the Bulls. There was a lot of passing and giving the ball to Rose with the shot clock going off. The players were either looking at Rose’s shot, or just positioning themselves for a rebound. All the pressure was on Rose. With Anthony, he gives up a lot of that pressure.

With Anthony, the Bulls would have that other go-to scorer they sorely lacked over the past few years.

The criticism on Anthony is that he does not play defense. Well, he has been on teams that have not asked him to play much defense. The run-and-gun Denver Nuggets did not have much use of defense when Anthony was there, and when he was traded to New York, he was on the Mike D’Antoni run-and-gun team.

With Chicago, Anthony’s defense will pick up. I would not expect All-Defensive Team, but he will show much improvement. He has already shown improvement with his rebounding this season. He has a career average of 6.5 rebounds, but this season he is at 9.

Surrounding Anthony with Rose, Butler, and Noah would make the Bulls a formidable foe to the Miami Heat. Add to this the possibility of having Nikola Mirotic. Mirotic’s contract is not up until 2016, but there is a $2.5 million buyout after this season. He would only make the Bulls even tougher.

If the Bulls are serious about being a contender again, they would be wise to go after Anthony. He is a big name player who will make Rose’s life a bit easier, and he will make the fans happy.

If Carmelo Anthony is serious about winning a title, he would be wise to sign with Chicago. He gives Anthony the big-market spotlight, and all eyes would be on him as the Bulls and Heat continue their chippy rivalry.



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