June 15, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein before the game against the Boston Red Sox at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Theo Epstein: Chicago Cubs Not Straying Away From Plan

A contingent of Chicago Cubs fans aren’t on board with the Cubs pursuit of Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka as the move would appear to stray away from the rebuilding plan that the Cubs front office has implemented for the past three years.

On Friday at the opening ceremonies of the Cubs Convention, president of baseball operations Theo Epstein re-iterated that the font office was not straying away from their plan.

“We’ve been honest since day one,” Epstein said from a ballroom at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. “If there is tension between the immediate present and the sustainable future that we’re building, we’re going to lean towards the future.” -Theo Epstein, ESPN Chicago 

Those contingent of Cubs fans that are against a potential Tanaka signing may feel that way because of the fact that the pitcher will likely receiver a contract north of $120 million. While that type of spending would not match anything the Cubs have done in the past three off-seasons, that does not mean that the Cubs are straying away from their rebuild.

Tanaka is 25 years old. Meaning the starting pitcher still has at least 10 years of Major League service in his arm barring injury.

Epstein would not speak on Friday to the nature of the process that Tanaka is going through.

“I’m going to respect the request of confidentiality that’s come from the agent and the player, just let things play out,” Epstein said. -Epstein, ESPN Chicago 

There is no question that the addition of Tanaka may accelerate the Cubs rebuild process but that does not mean that the team will rush their prospects to the Major Leagues.

“They’re going to have their time; it’s not quite now,” Epstein said. -Epstein, ESPN Chicago 

“Their time” may start in 2014 if infielders Javier Baez and Kris Bryant continue to thrive in their respective affiliates within the Cubs organization.

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  • Dave

    The Cubs will continue their century plus slump and aren’t even in contention for Tanaka. Why would he come to a club with such a glorious record of winning championships? Keep dreaming Cub fans, Epstein is not the answer and you will be rebuilding for centuries to come.

    • http://dawindycity.com/ Jordan Campbell

      The Cubs are in contention for Tanaka and as for their past, there is something to be said for people that live in the past.

  • ChrisCorleoneChristie

    WHAT plan? Ricketts is in his fifth season, and the Cubs are WORSE. The idiot does nothing but fix Wrigley so he can make money, while the team is a laughingstock. I’ve not seen such crap in all my many years watching the Cubs.
    What a joke. NOTHING is happening on the Cubs. We’re a doormat team AGAIN, because Chicago Cub fans keep showing up at Wrigley to laugh at a predetermined loser of a team.
    Epstein, the ineffectual nothing GM. Nobody can tell you’ve even been here, Theo.

  • LennonSaid

    Turns out the Cubs didn’t even give Tanaka a passing wave.
    Thanks, Theo. Another winning move from your inspirational general manager work. NOT!
    Go back to Boston. Take the worst owner in baseball with you.

  • SteveCO

    Hey, Theo! I can tell by the crappy Cubs record what a great plan you have in place!
    What a complete nothing you’ve turned out to be. Get the hell out of Chicago, and take that moron owner with you.