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Don't Get Too Excited About Yesterday's Blackhawks Win

The Blackhawks ended the Anaheim Ducks’ eight game winning streak yesterday by defeating them 4-2.

Fans had been down on the team due to the number of Overtime losses and inconsistency from all four forward lines and the three defensive pairings. This win over a powerhouse, who now sits four points ahead of the Hawks with the same number of games played, seemed to change all of that, as it’s already evident that the excitement has returned. Everyone buy your Stanley Cup Finals tickets, now!

Let’s take a step back. Yes, the win over the Ducks was a good one. The Ducks had, as mentioned, won eight straight games and 18 of their last 19. Also, Goalie Jonas Hiller hadn’t lost a game in regulation since Nov. 26, and had won 14 straight games outright. The whole team, from Hiller, to Defensemen Cam Fowler and Ben Lovejoy, and the star Forwards Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, looked unstoppable.

While it is great that the Hawks were able to end this impressive streak, as well as make the Ducks look human, let’s not forget that their biggest problem recently has been consistency. An inconsistent team might go out one night and beat the best team in the league, and then follow it up with a loss to a cellar-dweller. While the win makes the team and fans feel great, the loss is crippling.

I’m not saying don’t be happy about the win, I know I am. But let’s not forget that last year our impressive winning streak was ended by the Colorado Avalanche, who went on to get the first pick in the draft.

Obviously, I’m not implying the Hawks will fall so far to miss the playoffs and enter the NHL Draft Lottery, I’m just saying a statement win doesn’t always say what you want it to. It could lead to great things, but it could also lead to the same inconsistent play as before.

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