Clark The Cub Bares All In News Clip

Within minutes of the Chicago Cubs introducing their first-ever team mascot on Monday, Clark the Cub, the team faced backlash among most of the fan-base.

The Cubs defended their new mascot with the idea of Clark being family-friendly. The issue that many are taking with that sentiment is that Clark is not wearing pants. The Cubs mascot dons the team’s cap in addition to a team jersey but goes without pants. Now considering that one of the most famous cartoon bears, Yogi Bear, does not wear pants; internet die-hards may be barking up the wrong the tree.

But the internet die hards received more ammunition for their fire.

Deadspin has been all over mascot-gate and invited fans to distort the image of Clark the Cub. Needless to say, the fan submissions were everything you would come to expect from someone that reads Deadspin. On Tuesday, Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic was speaking about the Cubs’ mascot and showed one of the distorted versions of the Clark made on Deadspin instead of the actual version. The version displayed depicted Clark in the same cap and jersey but with the addition of male genitalia.

They say that all publicity is good publicity, but in Clark’s case, the Cubs may not have anticipated this much back-lash.

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