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Should the Bears Pursue Urlacher as LB Coach?

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Brian Urlacher will go down as one of the greatest Bears players of all time. His name will be mentioned with Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, and Bronko Nagurski as the all-time elite Bears. The way Urlacher went out seemed, wrong. It seemed to be another bad break-up, a great long-term relationship ruined by a messy break-up, with both sides making allegations and pointing fingers.

With the current state of the Bears defense, and the Bears lacking a Linebackers Coach while Urlacher sits with Fox Sports, it feels just to obvious that the two sides should make ammends, and the team should add Urlacher to coach the Linebackers.

The obvious detractor would be the lack of experience for Urlacher. Only retired for a season now, Urlacher has spent his time analyzing the game on Fox Sports, as well as criticizing Marc Trestman’s defense.

With plenty of younger Linebackers like Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene, an outspoken veteran leader might do wonders for their development. While Lance Briggs did an admirable job of being a leader, he was sidelined and had never had to assume the leadership role.

Now, would Urlacher take the job? That’s the only major question. But if the team didn’t even consider him as a candidate they would be foolish. Just as they interviewed Singletary for the head coaching vacancy last season, just out of respect for what he accomplished as a Bear, Urlacher deserves at least that look. Plus, to be blunt, the defense couldn’t play much worse with him involved.

I’m not one to start rumors, especially ones that have no backing, but it makes complete sense for both sides. Urlacher has always been somewhat of a coach on the field, so taking his talent to the sidelines could ultimately end up with him being a head coach. Even if that job isn’t with the Bears, it would just seem fitting that his journey started in Chicago.

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