Dec 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) prior to a game against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears Teammates Publicly Endorse Jay Cutler's Return

Jay Cutler is obviously not the most liked individual in the city of Chicago, but on Monday, two Chicago Bears teammates endorsed the idea of Cutler returning next season as the Bears starting quarterback.

Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, an avid supporter of Cutler during the season, expressed his desire to have Cutler as a teammate once again in 2014.

“One thing I know about Chicago: It’s been a long time since we had a quarterback like Jay Cutler,” Marshall said. “So all your stories this offseason, I think that should be the headline or that should be the story written this year: ‘Oh, how we love Jay Cutler,’ because it’s been so long. -Brandon Marshall, ESPN Chicago 

That has been the main piece of evidence for Cutler supporters, the fact that Cutler is the best to play the quarterback position for the Bears since Sid Luckman. Remember before the Bears even acquired Cutler, the running joke was that the Bears have not had a quarterback since Luckman. That joke may regain its punch if Cutler does not return to the team next season.

Especially when Marshall states that things are set up for Cutler to be successful in Chicago.

Now that you have continuity, not only upstairs, but in the locker room or the room with the wide receivers, offensive line, running back position, it’s set up for him to be successful. The steps he’s taken this year in leadership, and even growing as a quarterback, mentally and physically, we saw those things.” -Marshall, ESPN Chicago 

Cutler certainly has taken steps to becoming a leader for the Bears this past season. While dealing with injuries, Cutler was seen on the sidelines standing along side with head coach Marc Trestman and having input on the game. Beyond that, Cutler, through his press conferences, has boosted the confidence of not only a young offensive line but the entire offense as well.

That is something that was not lost on Bears tight Martellus Bennett who on Monday stated that Cutler is an awesome teammate.

“The man’s 30. Jay’s like 30 years old, ain’t he?” tight end Martellus Bennett asked. “How much development do y’all expect him to do? I haven’t really talked to him too much today. But he’s been an awesome teammate since Day 1 for me. So I don’t know the Jay you guys [keep] talking about and all the [expletive] you guys write all the time, talking about Jay [has] changed. I only met one Jay Cutler, and he’s been awesome from Day 1.” -Martellus Bennett, ESPN Chicago 

Too many individuals in Chicago spend too much time criticizing Cutler for anything but what the quarterback does on the football field. Eyes can be deceiving. Listen to the continued praise that Cutler has had from his teammates during the entire season or look back at how the Bears rallied around Cutler in the team’s victory over the Cleveland Browns this summer.

All leaders do not come in the same shape; after all, that wouldn’t make that individual a leader. Cutler does not have to lead like Peyton Manning–only Manning can do that. Cutler has to lead like he is the starting quarterback of Chicago Bears. That would be something that the 30-year old quarterback did well this past season.

A past season that likely will not be Cutler’s last with the Bears.

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