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Kanye West Sings About Michael Jordan Leaving Chicago Bulls

If musician Kanye West were to be compared to an athlete, perhaps his best comparison would be to former Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley.

Bradley often said whatever he wanted and never seemed to care about the repercussions. Beyond that, Bradley’s volatile behavior always had him on edge and often is the reason why the former Major League Baseball player engaged in confrontations with umpires, teammates, managers, and anything that breathes.

Like Bradley, West certainly has a reputation for spewing controversy with his words and igniting volatile behavior with anyone that breathes and doesn’t worship the ground that West walks on.

West’s controversial ways has continued while the rapper has been on tour promoting his new “Yeezus” album. West was in Chicago earlier this week to perform and in true Kanye West fashion the musician used the platform for his next rant.

A rant that was aimed at Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. West expressed his frustration over Jordan leaving the Bulls and ultimately playing for the Washington Wizards. During his performance of “Runaway”, West changed the lyrics to say “we should have never, ever let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards.”

Check out the video of West singing about Jordan leaving the Bulls.

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