Dec 15, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) celebrates with center Roberto Garza (63) after a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler's Return Has Brought A New Sense Of Humility For Chicago Bears QB

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler returned from a severe high-ankle sprain last Sunday when the team played the Cleveland Browns. Cutler’s return was  success as the quarterback led three consecutive touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to bring the Bears back from being down by a touchdown to leading by two touchdowns.

But beyond Cutler’s performance during the game on Sunday, the quarterback’s performance after the game during his post-game press conference is what was more impressive. For the first time in his Bears career, Cutler showed a new sense of humility when speaking with reporters after the Bears victory over the Browns. Cutler admitted that he was aware of the Josh McCown uprising within the media and fans, and the quarterback also admitted that he did go to teammates individually to discuss his return and confront any problems.

Dare I say  Cutler come away from that press conference looking more and more like a leader for the Bears?

When meeting with reporters on Thursday, Cutler confessed that he is “at ease” this week after acknowledging that he felt the pressure last week.

“I mean, I think it would be foolish just to lie and say we weren’t aware of [the debates outside the building],” Cutler said. “That’s unreasonable. Everyone’s human in this building.

“Another reason to acknowledge it is [because] the guys did such a great job of handling it. Another reason you want to acknowledge it is we were able to hear it, deal with it in our own certain way and move on and get the job done on Sunday.”-Jay Cutler, ESPN Chicago 

Everything about last week was impressive for the Bears. There is no question that debates raged within the media and fan-base over who should be the starting quarterback but the team tuned that discussion out. Certainly there may have been teammates that felt Josh McCown deserved to get the start over Cutler, but team rallied behind Cutler on Sunday.

Cutler did admit, however, that the idea of walking in the media room and addressing reporters after a loss to the Browns did weigh on his mind.

“If we did lose that game, having to walk into the media room, and deal with you guys if we did lose — all those things weigh on you,” he said.-Cutler, ESPN Chicago 

Fortunately for the Bears and Cutler, that scenario did not play out.

Cutler’s humility is a good sign for the Bears and the quarterback. Cutler may not win over every Bears fans, but the quarterback has won over his teammates. With the Bears controlling their playoff destiny, a confident and “at ease” Cutler could be what the team needs to go on a deep run in the playoffs.

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