Reports: Rakuten Golden Eagles Not Posting Masahiro Tanaka

According to a report from the New York Times, reports from Japan say that the Rakuten Golden Eagles will not post starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka this off-season.

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The only problem for the New York Times and their reporting of reports that state Tanaka won’t be posted is the fact that there are no reports that are believed to exist in Japan. Meaning, it is unclear where the New York Times got their information and lowers the credibility of their report of reports that say Tanaka will not be posted this off-season.

That being said, reports over the past week have suggested that Tanaka likely will not be posted this off-season. That could be where the New York Times is getting their information. But no final decision has been made.

If Tanaka indeed is not posted by the Rakuten Golden Eagles this winter, that would alter the Chicago Cubs off-season plan.

The Cubs have heavily invested their efforts into trying to acquire the 25-year old Tanaka. With a newly agreed to maximum posting fee of $2o million, the Cubs were prepared to be one of the highest bidders for the Japanese starting pitcher. The starting pitcher that went 24-0 with a sub-2 ERA last season with the Golden Eagles.

Tanaka certainly is going to be a top-tier starting pitcher if he indeed makes the transition to the Major Leagues, one of the reasons why the Golden Eagles were expecting to receive a hefty sum of cash for posting the starting pitcher. You could imagine how upset the team was when the new posting agreement between MLB and NPB limited the posting fee to a maximum of $20 million.

Despite the Golden Eagles frustration with the agreement, the organization hasn’t made any final decisions regarding the potential posting of Tanaka.

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