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Phil Emery Has The Chicago Bears On The Right Track

With two games remaining in the season, the Chicago Bears are in a dogfight with the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions for the NFC North title. Regardless of what happens this season, the Bears are on the right track to long-term success, and the reason for this is Phil Emery.

In his two seasons as General Manager, Emery has shown an analytical mind, a tremendous attention to detail, and a tireless work ethic. After firing Lovie Smith after a 10-6 season, Emery held a 50-minute press conference to explain his reasoning and show what his vision for the future of the team.

Emery has certainly gone outside the box with his decisions so far. He went to Canada to hire Marc Trestman, and even though he received some criticism for that, Trestman has transformed the Bears offense. After nine years under Lovie Smith, the Bears offense’s highest ranking was fifteen. In Trestman’s first season, the Bears rank second in points scored and seventh in yards.

One of the keys to that offense has been Alshon Jeffery. Emery received some gruff from fans for that pick. The critics’ reasoning was that the Bears desperately needed help on the offensive line, and that was a higher priority. What is the point of having a good receiver if the quarterback cannot get the throw to him?

The Bears have been able to get the ball to Jeffery and as a result we have all seen the blossoming of a future All-Pro receiver who makes some sick, unimaginable catches.

Speaking of the offensive line, Emery completely changed it. Gone from last year was everyone except for Roberto Garza. There are even two ROOKIES starting on the right side, and the results are astonishing. After languishing in the bottom three in sacks allowed, this season the Bears rank third.

This is not to say that Emery’s job is done. There is still the defense. It is aging and has suffered through a lot of injuries. Replacing the starters with rookies, you can see the growing pains being experienced right now. Also, there is the question of whether or not Jay Cutler is the franchise quarterback (Emery has already said he was).

Considering how quickly Emery has transformed the offense, there is no reason to doubt he could do the rest and bring a Super Bowl to Chicago in the near future.

What do you think? Do you feel Emery has the Bears on the right track?

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  • Sean Fitzgerald

    Carlos, I agree with your main point that Phil Emery has gotten the Bears on the right track, I think you are 100% correct on that however, you failed to acknowledge his mistakes. Aside from Alshon Jeffery, his first was draft was a bust! Shea McClellin is out of position on the Bears and needs to be traded. Brandon Hardin was cut this year and never played. Evan Rodriguez had legal issues and had to be released.Greg McCoy didn’t make it the team. The jury is still out on Isiah Frey.

    I agree with you that the Bears on the right track, but Phil needs a better draft of defensive players before I’m 100% sold.

    • Carlos Nazario

      Sean, I agree that some of Emery’s draft choices have not worked out…yet. Certainly Jeffery was a sensational pickup, but as I said, that was controversial because everyone was screaming “O-Line!”. Emery has a plan and that plan was made after much consideration so he will stick to that plan. We may not see all his picks go wild right now but I think part of the reason for that is some have been put into the fire before they were intended. The reason DJ Williams was brought in was to bridge he gap between Urlacher and Jonathan Bostic. As for McClellin, I would not give up on him. He is undersized at defensive end and I think he will eventually be moved to linebacker. I think he will go through free agency to fix the defense and have the young guys drafted will grow until their time to get in.

    • Sammy Z

      I agree that the jury is still out on his ability to draft defensive players but I’m not really worried. So far the picks he has that busted were really a case of High Risk/High Reward players.

      To be honest, I’m loving this philosophy as it’s completely contradictory to Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith’s philosophy of, “avoiding the floor.”

      • Carlos Nazario

        Sammy, agreed. Emery has had his cards on the table the entire time he’s been here so far. He won’t tell you specifically, but when you compare his words with his actions, he’s done what he said he’d do. When he fired Lovie, he went on and on about how the offense had to be better and talked on end about the line. What did he do in the offseason? He hired an offensive minded coach, and completely overhauled the line. As a result, the offense is one of the top in the league.

        • Sammy Z

          The man is a calculating risk taker, the kind of man I want leading my team.

  • Goodshepherd Americanbullies

    I say he has plenty of money to work with this offseason and its gonna be exciting to see the new pieces he adds to this defense. He’s definitely not dumb & I bet he knows if we can field a top 10 defense next year we’ll be a very serious contender. I think we have the right defensive coordinator in place. Maybe a change in scheme might even be nice. I say keep 4-3 but scrap cover 2. I’ve seen enough of that & it’s probably out dated. And yes either switch McClelin to linebacker or trade him

    • Carlos Nazario

      Goodshepherd, I agree with your idea about Mel Tucker. I think if he went in there and changed everything, the players might have rebelled. Seeing how they struggled (albeit with injuries) this season, Tucker can go in during the offseason and make changes without question. I also think he should scrap the Cover-2. Emery will do his best to finish off this team and make it a long-term contender.

  • homerfree

    Cutler may be smart like B/Marsh says but he is careless with the football and he always has been. Even in his best year to date he has 15 tds and 10 ints which should have been 11 save a tremendous effort by #17 look he is what he is a big bag of fools gold. do not hang your future on this guy its just wrong.

    • Carlos Nazario

      Homerfree, I beg to differ. Cutler is a gunslinger. He has a booming arm, and because of that he’ll attempt throws that most QB’s won’t even think about throwing. Some will be caught some won’t. To tell you the truth, those with strong arms do better in the playoffs than those without. Check out Peyton Manning’s success (of lack thereof) in those big games. The coverage is tighter during the playoffs so you need an arm to make them honest.