Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Josh McCown (12) looks to pass during the third quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Trestman Re-Iterates That Jay Cutler Is The Starting Quarterback Of The Chicago Bears

We can talk about it now. After the Chicago Bears routing victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night, too many fans were focused on who should be the Bears starting quarterback once Jay Cutler is medically cleared to play. That wasn’t the time for that false narrative as the Bears should have been focused on the fact that the team is now tied with the Lions and simply needs to outplay Detroit over the course of the final three games of the regular season.

A stretch of games that should see Cutler as the Bears starting quarterback if he is indeed ruled healthy to go.

When it comes to Josh McCown and his performance while playing in place of an injured Cutler, there is no question that the backup quarterback has been terrific this season. But, many Bears fans are getting carried away. McCown is not the second coming of Kurt Warner or Rich Gannon and what people are saying about McCown now is the same thing people once said about Matt Flynn and Kevin Kolb. Two backup quarterbacks that flourished in a string of games then wet the bed when operating in the full capacity of a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Beyond that, many have to ask the question what would Jay Cutler have done if he had been healthy? The answer to that question is that Cutler likely would be having the best season of his career–better than his last season with the Denver Broncos when the quarterback threw for over 4,000 yards.

The best friend of a fan and reporter is a quarterback controversy. Many Bears fans and naive reporters will suggest on Tuesday that the Bears have a quarterback controversy on their hands. But to those individuals, look at what Bears head coach Marc Trestman said after the game on Monday.

“There’s no change in the plan,” Trestman said. “We’ll see where Jay is this week. He’ll have to be released by the doctors. When Jay is ready to play, he’ll be playing.”

“When (Cutler) is good to go and can have a full week of practice, he’ll be our quarterback,” Trestman said.-Marc Trestman, ESPN Chicago 

This certainly won’t perk the ears up of McCown supporters–it’s alright if you cover your eyes–but Trestman likes Cutler as the team’s starting quarterback. Beyond that, Trestman knows that Cutler is the better quarterback. That is why Cutler will not only return as the starting quarterback for the Bears this season but operate in the same capacity for the team next season.

Even McCown, himself, realizes that there is no quarterback controversy.

“The team knows who the starting quarterback is, and like I said before, I know my job as the backup,” McCown said. “I want to play efficient football, winning football and keep us in contention while the starter is not healthy. As long as Jay is healthy and ready to go I don’t think there’s any question. I just want to do my part so we’ll see what happens moving forward.”-Josh McCown, ESPN Chicago 

There is no question about it, Cutler is the starting quarterback of the Bears when healthy. So while the false narrative will undoubtedly continue, the only narrative that should be believed is the one coming from mouth of Trestman.

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