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Arizona Fall League Update: 11/24

The Mesa Solar Sox are off to a pretty good start down in Arizona as fall league continues to progress. The Solar Sox are 8-4-1 currently.

They beat Surprise on Monday 9-6, they lost to Surprise on Tuesday 4-2, and they lost to Scotsdale 2-1 yesterday. Currently the Solar Sox are beating Scotsdale 6-2 in the fourth inning.

The Cubs have eight total players down in Mesa, four batters and four pitchers. The batters are Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant, Albert Almora, and Wes Darvill. The pitchers include Dallas Beeler, Matt Loosen, Armando Rivero, and Lendy Castillo.

Jorge Soler has played in seven games for the Sox, he has two doubles and five RBI’s. Soler is currently carrying a .229 batting average and has struck out nine times. The biggest surprise is that we haven’t seen Soler hit a home run yet and considering his size, that’s abnormal.

Kris Bryant has participated in nine games already this fall. He has four doubles, four home runs, and 13 RBI’s. He also has the second highest batting average on the team at .405. Bryant has played the most games on the team, but has struck out 11 times so far.

Albert Almora had that hot start, but sizzled off a little bit. Not so much that he isn’t being productive though. Almora has played in seven games, he has four doubles, one home run, and nine RBI’s. Almora is also sporting a .379 batting average and has only struck out twice, which is tied for the least amount of strikeouts on the team.

Wes Darvill has played in five games, has a .250 batting average with one home run and four RBI’s. Darvill is the player tied with Almora for least amount of strikeouts with just two.

Dallas Beeler is currently 1-0 with two games started on the fall. He has a rather big ERA at 6.00 over six innings pitched. Beeler also has recorded 3 strikeouts.

Matt Loosen is yet to start a game, but has 5.1 innings pitched. He has no record and a 3.38 ERA. Loosen has struck out four batters and has one hold.

Armando Rivero has one loss on the year and no wins. He has an inflated ERA at 7.20 over five innings pitched. Rivero has struck four batters out and, like Loosen, has one hold on the fall.

Lendy Castillo has pitched just four innings and has struck out a couple of batters in that time. He has no record yet, a very attractive 2.25 ERA and, like the previous two pitchers mentioned, a hold.

This is a great opportunity for these kids to get some more games in to prepare themselves for next year and years to come. It sort of bites that Javier Baez isn’t in Arizona, but the Cubs felt it was best for him to take some time to rest.

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