Sep 28, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi (28) walks in the dugout before a game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Cubs Managerial Search: Is No News Good News?

Friday is when there was last movement on the Joe Girardi front. Girardi has been the center of attention for teams not in the post-season as the soon to be free agent manager is drawing serious interest from the Chicago Cubs while the New York Yankees attempt to re-sign him before his contract expires on October 31.

The Yankees have no intent on letting the Cubs have permission to speak with Girardi until his contract expires at the end of October. Though, the team’s stance may change if talks break down with Girardi. A “break down” may be if Girardi rejects the latest contract offer from the Yankees. The Yankees offered Girardi what was described as a “very generous” offer on Friday and it was said that Girardi may make his decision at some point this weekend.

Since then, all has been quiet.

The silence has led to speculation that the longer this draws out between the Yankees and Girardi, the better chance the Cubs have at landing the current Yankees’ manager. That’s certainly a plausible idea. If Girardi truly wanted to remain with the Yankees, then it is likely that he would have accepted the Yankees’ offer already.

There’s been this idea that Girardi is playing the Cubs for the mere purpose of getting more money from the Yankees. That may not be true. If that was Girardi’s purpose, he would have accepted the Yankees’ offer by now. There has been constant leaks of the what the Cubs will be offering Girardi and that has led to the Yankees’ offer on Friday. An offer that likely would make Girardi the second-highest paid manager in Major League Baseball. If Girardi was dragging this out to get more money from the Yankees, that is something that would likely upset the team’s upper-management–also known as Girardi’s bosses.

So this idea that Girardi is simply playing the Cubs for the idea of getting more money from the Yankees needs to be put to rest. Girardi is not going to make his decision based on money.

Girardi will make his decision based on what organization is best up to succeed for the length of his proposed contract. Certainly a bad year for the Yankees is one that has the team just missing the playoffs, but those bad years may begin to pile up for New York. Alex Rodriguez likely will not be playing at all next season, Derek Jeter‘s career appears to be coming to an end, and there is no certainty that the team will retain second baseman Robinson Cano.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are team that is building to establish sustained success in 2015. The Cubs have already been connected this off-season to catchers Brian McCann and Jarrod Saltalamacchia; starting pitchers Bronson Arroyo and David Price; and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Certainly the Cubs will not acquire all of those targets, but Theo Epstein indicated that team can add one impact talent this off-season.  But that is not the selling point for the Cubs. The selling point is the young impact players already in their organization in Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, and Albert Almora.

So for the Cubs, silence is golden.

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