Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long (75) against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Chicago Bears: Bears Keys To Victory

The Chicago Bears are facing a difficult challenge in their first game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals possess one of the strongest defensive lines in the NFL, that figures to be a daunting task for the Bears’ offensive line, an offensive line that includes two rookies in Kyle Long and Jordan Mills.

If the Bears hope to defeat the Bengals, one of the team’s keys to victory will be containing the Bengals’ defense line.

  1. Offensive Line Must Pass The Test-The Chicago Bears’ offensive line are facing a test that they have not faced in the pre-season. Not only are the Bengals a real defensive line, but they also possess defensive tackle Geno Atkins. If the Bears have any hope of winning this game, then Long and Mills need to live up to the task and keep Atkins from having his way in the Bears’ offensive backfield.
  2. Don’t Let A.J. Green Beat You-The last time the Bears played the Bengals, the Bengals were equipped with Chad Johnson. Johnson single-handedly beat the Bears in 2009. The Bears defense needs to prevent the same thing from happening with A.J. Green. Expect Bears’ cornerback Charles Tillman to shallow Green throughout the game.
  3. Attack With Martellus Bennett-On offense, the Chicago Bears need to attack the Bengals’ linebackers with tight end Martellus Bennett. Bennett figures to give the Bears the advantage in that matchup, and that should be something that the Bears’ offense looks to exploit.
  4. The Bears Aren’t On Tape-The Bears have an incredible advantage heading into their game with the Bengals. That advantage is that the Bears are not on tape. Meaning the Bengals do not know what type of plays or offense that the Bears will run. That figures to be a significant benefit for Marc Trestman in his first regular season game as the Bears head coach.
  5. Get To Andy Dalton-The Bears defensive line needs to fluster Bengals’ third year quarterback Andy Dalton. If Dalton has time to progress through his options, the Bears are not going to win this game. The Bears defensive needs to constantly create pressure on the Bengals’ quarterback.

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