Aug 29, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce (30) helmet sits on a locker during the second half against the St. Louis Rams at Edward Jones Dome. St. Louis defeated Baltimore 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Wager Wednesday: Week 1 NFL Predictions Against The Spread

The NFL Season has returned. But almost as important as the return of the NFL season, is the return of the NFL betting lines.

This season on Wednesday, Da Windy City will predict every NFL game against the spread.

With the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos opening the NFL Season on Thursday, the time is now to make those picks for week 1.

Game: Baltimore Ravens Against The Denver Broncos

  • Line: Broncos (-7), Over/Under 48
  • Prediction: Ravens (+7). In a rarity, the super bowl champion ( Ravens) are the underdog in their opening game of the following season. The Broncos will win the game, but take the points with Baltimore.

Game: New England Patriots Against The Buffalo Bills

  • Line: Patriots ( -10), Over/Under 51
  • Prediction: Patriots (-10), Over. The Bills were willing to start an undrafted free agent at quarterback on Sunday. That should tell all that you need to know about this game.

Game: Tennessee Titans Against The Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Line: Steelers (-7), Over/Under 42
  • Prediction: Steelers ( -7). The Steelers are a team that can go in any direction this season, that being said the Tennessee Titans will struggle. Take the Steelers.

Game: Atlanta Falcons Against The New Orleans Saints

  • Line: Saints (-3), Over/Under 54
  • Prediction: Saints (-3). This game between the Saints and Falcons could be best of week 1, take the home team.

Game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Against The New York Jets

  • Line: Buccaneers (-3), Over/Under 40
  • Prediction: Buccaneers (-3). Neither team will be good this season, but the Jets are awful. Take the Buccaneers.

Game: Kansas City Chiefs Against The Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Line: Chiefs (-4), Over/Under 41.
  • Prediction: Chiefs (-4). Andy Reid makes his Chiefs’ debut in what should be an easy victory.

Game: Cincinnati Bengals Against The Chicago Bears

  • Line: Bears (-3), Over/Under 41 1/2
  • Prediction: Bengals (+3). Both the Bengals and Bears have high aspirations this season, however, the Bengals will be too much for the Bears. Take the Bengals.

Game: Miami Dolphins Against The Cleveland Browns

  • Line: Browns (-1), Over/Under 41 1/2 
  • Prediction: Dolphins (+1). Pick your poison.

Game: Seattle Seahawks Against The Carolina Panthers

  • Line: Seahawks (-3 1/2), Over/Under 45
  • Prediction: Seahawks (-3 1/2). The Seahawks hope to compete in the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers this season, they should face little resistance from the Panthers on Sunday.

Game: Minnesota Vikings Against The Detroit Lions

  • Line: Lions(-5 1/2), Over/Under 46 1/2
  • Prediction: Vikings (+5 1/2). Tough divisional game from the start for the Vikings and Lions, the expectation here is that Adrian Peterson carries the Vikings to victory.

Game: Oakland Raiders Against The Indianapolis Colts 

  • Line: Colts (-10), Over/Under 47
  • Prediction: Colts (-10). Will the Raiders win a game this season?

Game: Arizona Cardinals Against The St Louis Rams 

  • Line: Rams (-4 1/2), Over/Under 41
  • Prediction: Rams ( – 4 1/2). Is your favorite color Red or Blue?

Game: Green Bay Packers Against The San Francisco 49ers 

  • Line: 49ers (- 4 1/2), Over/Under 48 1/2
  • Prediction: Packers (+4 1/2). The Packers and 49ers may be the two best teams in the NFC, though, the  Packers will send a reminder to the NFC on Sunday.

Game: New York Giants Against The Dallas Cowboys

  • Line: Cowboys (- 3), Over/Under 48 1/2
  • Prediction: Giants (+3). The Giants will continue to prove that America’s team is still flawed.

Game: Philadelphia Eagles Against The Washington Redskins 

  • Line: Redskins (-3 1/2), Over/Under 51 1/2
  • Prediction: Eagles ( +3 1/2). RG3 will return for the Redskins but it will be spoiled by an Eagles’ victory.

Game: Houston Texans Against The San Diego Chargers

  • Line: Texans (-4), Over/Under 44
  • Prediction: Texans (-4). Rivers throw a pick yet?

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