Aug 23, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy during the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field. Seattle won 17-10. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

NFC North Power Rankings: Week 1

There has been much credit given to the Chicago Bears this season. But lets not forget that the Bears finished behind the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings last season.

Prior to the start of this season, many have the Bears ahead of the Vikings but slightly behind the Packers if not on the same level.

Before any games our played, the time is now to release Da Windy City power rankings going into the 2013 NFL Season.

Don’t worry Detroit Lions’ fans, Da Windy City did not forget about the Lions.

NFC North Power Rankings: Week 1

  1. Green Bay Packers-Until they are not at the top of the NFC North division, the North is still the Packers’ division. That being said, the Packers are vulnerable. Questions have surfaced during training camp about the Packers’ offensive line as well as their depth at the Wide Receiver position. If there were anytime for a team in the NFC North to take advantage of a weakened Packers’ team, this would be the season.
  2. Chicago Bears-Marc Trestman; Aaron Kromer; Martellus Bennett; Jermon Bushrod; Kyle Long. The Bears additions this off-season were meant to bring the team closer to the Packers. The Bears have succeeded. The Bears are built to compete with the Packers and that is what they will do this season.
  3. Detroit Lions-The Lions offense has the potential to be strong once again this season. The issue is that the Lions’ defense will once again put quarterback Matt Stafford and the offense in a position where they need to pass to remain in the game. Stafford and Calvin Johnson may be the best quarterback-wide receiver combo in the league, but that is nice for winning fantasy football games not actual football games.
  4. Minnesota Vikings-Adrian Peterson made the playoffs last season, the Vikings were simply along for the ride. Peterson will not be enough to make the playoffs this season especially when it appears that Vikings’ quarterback Christian Ponder has taken a step back in his development.

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  • 3kolu

    Another idiotic prediction. The Vikings acquire Greg Jennings and Desmond Bishop shoring up 2 of their biggest off-season needs thru free agency. Then they aggressively attack the draft and not only do they get the highest value pick with Sharif Floyd falling 20 spots to the 23rd pick of the 1st round, then they get the physical and hyper-athletic CB out of Florida State not to mention size/weight/speed freak Xavier Rhodes, who was projected to go in the early teens snatching him at #25 filling another huge need, and with some great maneuvering they land the most exciting, game-breaking player in the draft, coming in at a stupendous 6’2″ 216 lbs with nearly a 40″ vertical, running a 4.42 40, scoring machine doing it from almost every way conceivable receiving, running, kick return and a punt return. With the ball in his hands he is elite, with the innate ability to cut on a dime he has RB skills. But they weren’t finished. They pick up Gerald Hodges in the 4th who fills their need for a nickel LB, but he has the potential to be our future WILL or SAM. They go special teams in the 5th with punting specialist Jeff Locke, who along with a booming leg, is excellent at pinning opposing offenses deep in their own territory. Jeff Baca their 6th rounder makes the team after an impressive pre-season, showing off his diversity and nastiness. Then, with the SOD, they land Michael Mauti, this guy is a star in the making. With incredible instincts, athleticism, high-character, high-motor, and a high-football IQ. He is simply a play-maker. I see him as a mix between Brian Urlacher and Charles Tillman. The key is for him to stay healthy. Watch out for this years Vikings. even while the youngsters are growing up they still have the greatest RB of our generation.

    • DaWindyCityFS

      You lost all credibility when you said “idiotic”. Is there purple kool-aid in Minnesota?

  • Nabicus

    Moronic article.

    • DaWindyCityFS

      Fascinating commentary.

  • Moveguy

    I just love it when people think every move they make is going to pan out and never look at if other teams made any moves… I guess Cutler will learn another complete new offense and will be awesome in it. So much for him throwing interceptions, that is removed. The defense will not miss a beat at all, never mind the fact it is older and lost key pieces.

    • DaWindyCityFS

      The key word in the article for the Bears was “improved.”

      Perhaps you only looked at the teams without reading much of anything else.

      • Moveguy

        Gotcha so the Bears are the only team that has improved. Glad the Vikings did not get 3 first round draft picks, those will not help. Nor will Jennings. Packers are healthy and the D finally has a full compliment of players. That will not be improved. Adding Lacey will not improve them. Lions getting Bush will not help that team. Man if only everyone could be the Bears.

        • DaWindyCityFS

          Jennings is a good receiver, but needs a quarterback to get him the ball. The Packers offensive line is not healthy, and that is why the entire NFC North, not just the Bears, have the opportunity to unseat Green Bay.

          Reggie Bush plays offense for the Lions, the same offense that I said will be strong once again. The question with them is on defense not offense.

          Draft picks do not translate into success.

          • Moveguy

            But according to your article Kyle Long is an improvement and he is a draft pick. So which way you going with it? Also how does free agency guarantee you any improvement? Also how do you know how the Bears will react to this first time NFL head coach? Your 4-3 Defense just lost the All Pro future HOF MLB, the D coordinator and the D minded Head Coach. So no reason to think they will not take a step back, right?

            It just goes to the point your entire article is biased towards the Bears and is nothing but a rah rah piece in such should have only been placed on the Bears board and not distributed to the rest of the NFCN.

          • DaWindyCityFS

            Clearly, you did not watch the Bears’ offensive line last season. It doesn’t take much to be an improvement, Draft picks can be an improvement, but they do not instantly translate into a success. Free Agency doesn’t guarantee improvement.

            Brian Urlacher was a shell of his future HOF self last season with the Bears, but again, you must not follow the Bears.

            The Bears defense is going to take a step back, it would be silly to think that they don’t.

            Who would’ve thought that a website about Chicago sports would be centered around the Bears? crazy idea.

          • Moveguy

            We get it already, it is all about you being a homer and not trying to write a decent article. Next time don’t tag all the other NFCN teams so it shows up on their sites. Leave this trash homer writing to your own site.

          • DaWindyCityFS

            Talk to you next week.

  • KevVc1

    Im surprised you didnt just put the Bears as number one. Clearly you wanted to. You essentially gave GB a back handed compliment saying their number one until proven otherwise but then stating everything that is wrong with them. In fact you had criticisms for every team except for the Bears. Your analysis of the Vikings is that Adrian Peterson was the only person on the team worth a crap last year and that they didnt make any improvements going into this year like the Bears did (which clearly youve already determined will make them better while the vikings who actually did more positive things in the off season wont). Nothing wrong with being a homer, just expect a lot of criticism when its obvious.

    • DaWindyCityFS

      I don’t think the Bears win the division. These power rankings were meant as a prediction to the standings a the end of the season. The NFC North is a tough division, probably the toughest in the NFL. As long as the Packers have Rodgers, they will certainly be at the top of the division. The Vikings had a good draft, there is no question, but that does not translate into a good season. Games need to be played.

  • Herman Moore

    Your lack of knowledge about the offseason moves made by the Lions is obvious. Didn’t watch how the D played against the Pats either, I’ll bet. The Lions will be contending for the North title this year, while the long-suffering Jay Cutler is busy learning yet another new scheme.

    • DaWindyCityFS

      Because Pre-Season games are so important and mean everything. If the Lions defense is improved, then yes, they will contend. Detroit has the offense to win the division, but their defense needs to improve. Yes they looked good in Pre-Season, but, it’s Pre-Season.

  • IndeThinker

    Amazing. Ponder had a better completion percentage than Cutler with horrible receivers. Their TD-Int number are a hair apart, yet for some reason Bears fans think they have the next Marino. It’s mind-bottling (relax, it’s a Will F ref) that Bears fans have so much faith in a QB so selfish and fragile.

    • DaWindyCityFS

      Cutler, the next Marino? Sane Bears fans can not even dream of that.

  • bob

    Terrible. So bias it isn’t funny. Bears need to beware of the entire division or they will finish last. New coach, new offense, new defensive players…smells like rebuilding

    • DaWindyCityFS

      It’s very possible if not likely that the Bears will enter a rebuild after this season.

  • DaWindyCityFS

    Notice what local and national reporter Brad Biggs says about the Packers, Vikings, and Lions in his power rankings?,0,550770.story hmmm sounds familiar, don’t you think?