Justin Bieber Becomes The Latest Bandwagon Chicago Blackhawks' Fan

For Chicago Blackhawks fans, there is not much that can alter their happy-go-lucky mood after the team won the Stanley Cup.

However, their mood was altered on Wednesday.

Not only was pop culture douche bag icon allowed access to the Chicago Blackhawks’ locker room, but the newest addition to the Blackhawks’ bandwagon fan club was allowed a moment with the Stanley Cup.

In that moment he had with the cup, Bieber managed to do what he does best and that is piss people off.

Notice the sinister offense that Bieber is making?

While playing pretend Blackhawks’ fan, Bieber disgraced the Blackhawks’ logo by standing on it. It’s common practice in the Blackhawks’ locker room that no one steps on the logo let along stands.

The Chicago Cubs began a policy this season with the seventh inning-stretch that restricted the guest singers to only having some relation to the city of Chicago or the Cubs.

The Blackhawks should implement a similar strategy with the cup. Bieber has no business being in the same room with the cup let alone the same city.

Stay classy, Chicago.

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