Chicago Bulls Lucky To Have A True Superstar In Derrick Rose

The NBA system has been overrun by the ego’s of superstars.

Look no further than what transpired this past weekend.

On Friday, free agent center Dwight Howard signed with the Houston Rockets.

Though, the process was not nearly as easy as writing that sentence was.

While Howard should be applauded for how he made his decision–having meetings with various teams then taking time to make a decision and quietly announce it–the NBA’s coverage of perceived superstars is getting disgusting.

Immediately after Howard made his decision, the focus was not on how the move impacted the Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers.

Instead, the focus was on the fact that Kobe Bryant unfollowed Howard on twitter and then posted a picture of him and Pau Gasol arm in arm during a Lakers’ game.

This is a trend that started during the free agent frenzy of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. Reporters stalked the social media profiles for those three superstars desperately looking for a story.

This is a trend that should make the Chicago Bulls and their fans proud of their lone-superstar. That being Derrick Rose.

Rose has recently been criticized for the idea of him being selfish. Selfish to the degree that he put himself over the team in regards to the rehabilitation of his injury.

That argument has transcended into the idea that Rose is selfish in terms of wanting to be only superstar on the Bulls.

Both of those arguments are baseless.

Rose should be applauded. Applauded for the fact that he does not conform to the current standards of a modern NBA superstar. The standards that include everything but playing basketball.

Derrick Rose simply doesn’t care about anything that is not related to what he can do on the court. Rose’s unwillingness to try to persuade players to play with the Bulls does not make the point guard selfish.

Most superstars in the NBA are selfish. Rose surely isn’t.

That is what makes Rose a true superstar; a superstar that the Bulls are lucky to have.

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