Kenny Williams says he wouldn’t call Dunn a free agent bust

Chicago White Sox Executive Vice President Kenny Williams said that he still doesn’t consider Adam Dunn a free agent bust.

“I still think that Adam can be one of the more dynamic players in the game,” Williams said Friday. “I think this past week you’ve seen a little bit of that. It’s tough coming into a new place with the expectations that you have. I’m glad to see that in this past week he’s gotten back to focusing on being a good hitter. Not just a power guy but being a good hitter because when we signed him it wasn’t just for the power.”

I want Williams to please explain to me what his definition of a really good hitter is. Before Dunn ever put on a White Sox jersey, he had just a career .247 avg. with over 2,000 strikeouts to his resume. Now I don’t pretend to be that baseball expert that Kenny Williams says he is, but to me, that’s not the numbers of a good hitter like Williams calls Dunn.

Williams then went on to say that he wouldn’t consider Dunn a free agent bust.

Umm Kenny, what the hell do you call him then?

You know what I call that comment from Williams… a guy who’s making excuses for making baseball’s worst signing in free agent history.

It was Williams who was the GM of the White Sox when they gave this albatross a four year $56 million dollar contract.

This year, he leads the White Sox with 17 home runs and 38 RBIs, while hitting a pathetic .182 batting average, a .282 on-base percentage and a .449 slugging percentage. While his strikeout total is high at 79, he is on pace to finish with less strikeouts then he had last season.

Trying to find improvements in those numbers was truly difficult in every way.

If the White Sox organization ever wants to save face and actually act like a professional organization, they should cut bait now. Release Dunn and tell your fan base you simply expected more and it didn’t work out. Tell them you expect more from your players and that you want to win games and Dunn’s performance would no longer be accepted.

Adam Dunn’s performance has weighed down this team and the box office like an anchor for too long. It’s time for the White Sox to show their fan base they’re serious about the bottom line and that’s winning baseball games.

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