Same old song and dance when it comes to White Sox and their manager

Tuesday night was just another season long rendition of baseball’s fundamentally worst team.

Coming off a three game winning streak, the White Sox were actually making their fan base believe that maybe their heroes were about to turn the corner.

Then last night happened and reminded White Sox fans that this team is what it is and that is simply a team that’s not good enough to compete for a division title let alone a wild card spot.

What made this particular game so painful was that it showed all the elements of a bad team. It had poor base running, pathetic defense and shaky play for all 9 innings.

What made this game all that more excruciating is that it could have been a win if Addison Reed would have been able to close the game in the 9th inning.

“It’s my job to get those three outs and I didn’t do it,” Reed said. “Offense, pitching did everything to get the ball in my hands in the situation we wanted it. We had the lead and I came in and left with it tied, so I feel it’s all on me, and I’ll take full responsibility for it.”

Not to make excuses for Reed, but this game should have never come down to the 9th inning.

There were base running errors committed by Alexis Ramirez Gordon Beckham, Alejandro De Aza and Dayan Viciedo that threw out the whole game. None of these players are rookies anymore and should be held accountable by manager Robin Ventura.

But the consistently bad defense is the single most disturbing thing about this team and last night it was the worst I’ve seen all year and that’s saying a lot.

Ramirez, Conor Gillaspie and Tyler Flowers all made errors. Flowers had a second-inning passed ball that allowed a run to score. There was Troncoso’s wild pitch that Flowers couldn’t get in front of to knock down. It also was a pitch that a major league caliber catcher must get in front of.

“It was one of those where we kept shooting ourselves in the foot, running the bases,” White Sox manager Robin Ventura said. “Any time you lose like that, it doesn’t feel good. You come down and you get the last strike, especially the way it went earlier, it’s one of those for Reed. He’s human and it’s going to happen.”


“You figure it’s going to happen eventually, but you just never like it when it happens. He should have had a bigger cushion than that. That’s the way it goes.”

This was the type of game that the White Sox miss a manager like Ozzie Guillen, who would have called players out for their continued poor play.

It’s time for Ventura to realize this season isn’t getting any younger and the same old repetitive answers during the post- game aren’t going to cut it anymore.

If Ventura isn’t capable of making changes in the line- up, then maybe it’s time for GM Rick Hahn to make a change in the leader ship in the dugout.

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