It's not going to get better anytime soon for White Sox fans


Every at home manager has their own ways of fixing the White Sox. Bench Alejandro De Aza or release Adam Dunn are two prime examples of what fans have now been screaming about for the past two months.

From your couch at home, it’s really easy to say all of those things and I have to admit I’ve been saying all those same things too. Then, over the weekend, I really took a hard look at the White Sox 40 man roster and their farm system, thinking for sure I could figure a way to turn this mess around.

Once I took a look, I finally had to admit to myself that there is really no way to fix this mess in 2013. Replacing De Aza is almost as impossible as dumping Dunn. Some of the candidates are Jordan Danks and DeWayne Wise. Danks has proven over the past two years that’s all he’s ever going to be is John Danks little brother. Even if Wise was healthy, he is what he is and that’s a career backup.

Now let’s get back to Adam Dunn. So who are candidates to replace the big donkey? Well, there really are none on the 40 man roster or the entire minor league system. Then, when you take a look at what’s left on Dunn’s contract, and he is sadly going nowhere in 2013 and more than likely will be striking out at U.S. Cellular field in 2014.

White Sox fans, you have to be honest with yourselves for a minute. You can’t blame this mess just on Dunn and De Aza. This was an extremely flawed team even before the season started. With the way former GM and now president of the ball club Kenny Williams constructed this roster, it’s going to be a while before this club is going to get good again.

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