It’s time for Bud Selig to come down on Hawk Harrelson and for real this time

Let me be the first to say that I’m a huge Ken (Hawk) Harrelson fan. I have been for years now. I don’t mind Hawk being a homer and I love when he talks about his playing days with the Red Sox.

But this past Friday night in the 10th inning when the White Sox played the Florida Marlins, Hawk crossed the line once again.

Alex Rios appeared to avoid a double play in the 10th inning by beating a throw to first base on a play that would have allowed the winning run to score from first base. But Hernandez called Rios out at first base to end the inning. Television replays appeared to show that Rios was safe.

After first watching the replay, Harrelson added: “He is safe. And another blown call by Hernandez.” After the commercial break, Harrelson came back to say, “Just flip another coin Angel.”

This isn’t the first time Harrelson has went on a rant about a missed call by an umpire.

Late last August, Umpire Lance Barrett called a border line pitch during a Mariners game a ball. White Sox Manager Robin Ventura argued the call and it led to his ejection along with his catcher AJ Pierzynski.

Hawk would go on a 10 minute rant.

“This is absolutely ridiculous.”


“Barrett, Lance Barrett, has been absolutely brutal. Brutal.”


“He is absolutely brutal.”


“Lance Barrett’s just stunk the joint up, that’s all he’s done.”


“He’s terrible”


“This is one of those games where the film’s going to the American League office just to show how bad he’s been”


“Well everything that Blake Beavan has thrown up there that Olivo has caught has been a strike. If he caught it, it was a strike.”

When Harrelson verbally bashes the umpires on television, it destroys the credibility of every umpire in the major leagues and the game itself.

In the past, the only thing Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has done towards any discipline is have a meeting with Harrelson. Never a suspension or any type of reprimand that would send a clear cut message to just not Harrelson but any announcer who would hurt the credibility of the umpire and most importantly the game.

Again, I’m a big fan of Hawk Harrelson, but Selig needs to step up and either fine or suspend Harrelson once and for all.

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